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Home And Away: Tori To Realise She Is Being Played By Jasmine!

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Jasmine had better watch out because Tori is about to uncover what she is planning in regards to baby Grace…

Look out, Jasmine because Tori is coming for your head! The truth comes out in upcoming episodes of Home and Away as the mother-of-one is going to realise what her daughter’s stepmother is planning.

She will see posters for the Mums and Bubs Yoga class Jasmine and Willow have been planning for the gym and will see the nurse’s face plastered all over them. This does not sit well with Tori as she thought she and Grace would be the faces of the campaign.

When confronted about this, Jasmine shrugs it off and says she never actually said Tori would be involved in the campaign. Now, we’re not sure what happens as we only just saw this in a promo that recently aired. From what occurs next is (in the footage) the doctor is seen talking to Justin who asks what she’s going to do. She then says she’s going to talk to Colby about what options she has as she says she has been played.

Jasmine’s Reaction Once The Truth Comes Out

We are looking forward to seeing what happens once the truth comes out. Jasmine is going to explode with rage with whatever Tori does. The nurse is clearly suffering from a mental illness. She feels that if Grace is taken away from her, she will lose the last piece of Robbo that she has left.

She is already livid that Colby didn’t take her at her word and open an investigation into Tori’s ‘negligence’ as a parent. Then there’s whole ‘dark web forum’ where mothers are just taking Jasmine at her word when she twists the narrative to make herself look better.

When the truth comes out, she is not going to be able to wriggle her way out of it. There is will be plenty of people that will back Tori up as they know how much she wanted Grace. It’s just a shame that Irene isn’t there to break the tension. She’s known the doctor longer than the nurse. However, Jasmine has been living under her roof.

There is no doubt in our mind that Jasmine is going to react violently. She is going to yell and scream and say she was only protecting Grace from her own mother. What kind of person creates lies to and tries to take a child who is safe from their parent?

We’ll have more information when the storyline airs. Home and Away airs Monday to Thursday on Channel 7 at 7pm. Be sure to subscribe to the blog and follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook at @cjhawk93 on ALL platforms!

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