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Home and Away THEORY: Wait… Does Colby Die In A Prison Escape?

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Colby is in a world of trouble as the walls begin closing in around him regarding Ross’ murder. However, could we be seeing him die in a prison escape?

Home and Away has seen a lot of deaths over the years. They’ve had stalkers wedding receptions blown up, vehicle crashes, stabbings, sieges and a whole lot more. However, we don’t think there’s ever been a prison escape where someone dies or at least, not to our knowledge. The current storyline revolving around Angelo Rosetta returning to solve the murder of Bella’s dad, Ross is eating her half-brother, Colby alive.

However, could the walls close in around Colby to the point where he ends up dying in a prison break? We’re about to break down this theory.

Ross And Colby Hated Each Other

Thorne and his stepdad were never on the best terms. Ross killed Colby’s father before marrying his mother and having Bella before he murdered his wife and taking off with his daughter when she was very young. In fact, the entirety of Mangrove River knew what a scumbag Nixon was.

Ross’ return triggered him to the point he kidnapped Bella, Willow, and Colby’s now ex-wife Chelsea and shot his stepson’s best female friend. Colby and Dean went after him before they confronted him. The cop wanted revenge and killed his stepfather before burying his body in the bush. Only a select few people knew what actually happened

Chelsea couldn’t live with the idea of her husband having killed a man so she ended their marriage after like a week.

Over A Year Passes

Over a year passes and Ross is presumed missing until his body ends up being discovered. That’s where Angelo is called in. Now a detective and clearly back on the Police Force, he’s not the same man he once was. He is now married to a woman named Taylor, having ended his relationship with Nicole Franklin some time ago.

Angelo is far from perfect as he killed fellow cop Jack Holden. Whether anyone else knows this outside of the older residents of the Bay is anyone’s guess though this hasn’t even been addressed.

Cozy With Taylor

Colby is desperate not to get caught and so he formulates a plan to get cozy with Taylor. Just last week, they shared a kiss that freaks the poor woman out. She has never strayed from her husband, but she finds herself being pulled into Thorne’s web very easily.

She feels that Angelo is more concerned about his job than he is about her and it shows. He ditches her for the office and it is obvious she’s sick of it.

Willow, Dean, and Bella tell Colby that he’s walking on egg shells as Angelo is the one investigating Ross’ murder. He assures them – multiple times – that he knows what he is doing. It’s here that he says that if he can get close enough to Taylor, she might have information about the case.

Angelo’s History With The River Boys

Angelo has a history with the River Boys and his suspicions of Colby aren’t exactly great. After realising who he is, he then confronts him about his past.

He sold his restaurant, Angelo’s to the Braxtons before they sold it to Brody who renamed it Salt.

Colby Will Be Caught – Where The Prison Escape Comes In

Colby thinks he and Dean won’t get caught, but Back to the Bay, our Home and Away resource says otherwise. A few months back, scenes were filmed of Colby being arrested and being forced into the back of a police car. That’s where our theory of a prison escape death comes in.

There were scenes filmed involving the River Boys, Dean, the Paratas, and the one and only Heath Braxton. It’s rumored that they’re going to be trying to break Colby out of prison.

We’ve also read that there will some reactions from Dean and Bella but it wasn’t elaborated upon. Also, it needs to be pointed out that Tim Franklin who plays Colby hasn’t been shooting at Palm Beach in over two months. While this is not unusual for actors to take breaks, this sounds an awful lot like a departure.

Real Life Intel

The same thing happened with Ben and Maggie earlier in the year. Tim made his first appearance as Colby in early 2018. He’s been on the whole three years as of February 2021. Most actors on the show only sign a three year contract before they decide to move on to other projects.

Given the involvement of the River Boys and Heath, and how Colby is arrested, something tells us that karma catches up with him. However, if he is going to die, then who will take over the new lead cop? He came in just after Kat was killed in a car crash. There has been nothing said about a new police officer entering the show but that might change over time. Also, Tim Franklin said in an interview that his dream as an actor was to be killed off. Perhaps he gets his wish.

We’ll just have to wait and see what happens. There’s a possibility that Tim has shot interior shots but not outdoor scenes but we need to remember that a departure is imminent no matter the outcome.

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