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Home and Away THEORY: Is Jasmine Becoming Obsessed With Baby Grace?

Baby Grace

Jasmine Delaney’s life isn’t going the way she planned after her husband’s death earlier in the year. First, she thought she was pregnant only to find out she’d suffered a phantom pregnancy. Now, her one constant reminder of Robbo is her stepdaughter, Baby Grace. She is developing an obsession?

Could Jasmine be headed for Agatha (from The Secrets She Keeps) territory? Since discovering she was never pregnant with her late husband’s child, she’s been bonding with her stepdaughter, Baby Grace more and more. However, is she becoming obsessed with her?

We sure hope not as it would jeopardise the close bond Jasmine has developed with Tori since Robbo’s death. Also, it would be such a shame to see such a great character get carried away over something her husband was able to give her friend, but not her. We’d hate for such a close friendship to be wasted over an obsession over a baby.

Baby Grace has been such a source of strength for Jasmine since Robbo died. To see her become unstuck would just be tragic for the character. Punkee posted a genius article on the whole bad things are always happening to Jazzy topic. We just hope that the whole situation with the little girl she’s helped raise isn’t an obsession that her late hubby would be ashamed of.

Will Justin and Tori catch on before something more sinister happens? We hope so but it shouldn’t stop them from being friends with Jasmine as she is – as Grace’s stepmum – still a member of their little family unit. It is what Robbo would’ve wanted and we think that if he could see what was happening, he would put a stop to it if she was becoming too clingy to the infant she happened to raise while Tori was in that coma.

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