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Home And Away THEORY: Does Angelo Return To Summer Bay To Investigate Evan?


We’ve recently welcomed Cameron Daddo’s Evan Slater to the Bay and we’ve learned that his Ryder’s dad. However, we’ve also learned that he’s dying from Asbestos poisoning. But, is there more to the story than we’ve been lead to believe? Is a certain former cop returning to town to investigate the musician?

Cameron Daddo has only just arrived in Summer Bay as Ryder’s long-lost dad, Evan. It didn’t take long for him to confide in Roo that he was dying and didn’t know how much time he had left. However, the concerned aunt told her nephew after a small push from Alf and Martha.

Despite the shock that his dad was dying, Ryder decided to keep quiet and agreed to get to know Evan without revealing what he knew. However, in the weeks to come, the illness becomes worse, but something might be off. Could the whole situation be a scam and the dad-of-one is being investigated by former Summer Bay cop, Angelo Rosetta?

Angelo’s Return

We’ve known since February that actor Luke Jacobz would be returning to Summer Bay later in the year. He’s also said that he’ll be around for a while and that he would NOT be killed off. However, what wasn’t revealed was why he was returning. Set photos have revealed a few little details, yet we can’t find the source or the photos. From what we remember, Angelo was seen wearing a suit and apparently a wedding ring? What exactly in those nine years? Did he and Nicole get married or did they break up and he ended up with someone else?

While this is up for debate, we’ll learn what he’s been doing once his episodes go to air.

What Is Angelo Doing Back In Summer Bay?

Now that we know some of the fundamentals, let’s go over a theory as to why Angelo is coming back and what it might have to do with Evan.

We don’t know a lot about Evan other than he’s a musician who met Ryder’s mother, Quinn while they were both preforming on a cruise ship. We’ve also seen how similar Evan and Ryder are to each other. Both have that charming sarcasm that drives Alf up the wall. Not to mention, the father left his partner and son when the kid was young enough not to have any memories of him.

In a recent promo, Evan is seen up on stage performing and he even dedicates a song to Ryder. However, a couple of clips later, we see him holding Roo’s hand whilst wearing a nasal tube that you have when you need oxygen at the hospital.

That’s where our theory comes into play. What if Angelo returns to the Bay to catch Evan in a massive scam. We can add to this by mentioning another shot of Colby talking to someone with wavy hair. We can’t make out who it is, but it might be Roo. The clip has him saying, “Something doesn’t add up.” Could this be how the former cop comes into play?

Has Angelo Been Promoted In The Time He’s Been Gone?

Given we’ve seen set photos of Luke Jacobz in a suit, it makes us think that he’s been promoted to a more senior position since we last saw him. If might be part of a taskforce or he might even be a detective as they don’t wear regular Police uniform unless it’s a formal event like a funeral.

He would be in town to investigate some case, so what if there’s something dodgy going on with Evan?

Evan Isn’t Who The Stewarts Think He Is

Now, Evan’s timing was always seen as off when he suddenly showed up looking for his son. This was before he revealed to Roo that he was dying. What if he isn’t the man the Stewarts think he is?

Maybe he took the name of Evan Slater from another man who was actually with Quinn at some point and actually is Ryder’s father? However, how would he be able to remember all the memories of Quinn? That’s a lot to remember and not let on that you’re not the person they think you are.

The reason we bring this up is because actress Georgie Parker who plays Roo posting the following photo to Instagram:

Cameron Daddo is still filming scenes. It’s been speculated that he’s only meant to have a 6-month stint. We also don’t know when his introduction was filmed. Though, we need to take into consideration that they do get a production break and then there’s the whole COVID-19 situation where they were shut down for nine weeks.

If this ends up being the case, it is going to crush Ryder and Alf is going to be far from happy. He’s very protective of his grandson and it won’t sit well with Roo and Martha either. Whatever the case is with Evan is going to be one hell of a thrill ride.

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