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Home And Away: Sienna Got What She Wanted… Now What?

Sienna isn’t going to stop until she has corrupted Nikau…

The ultimate deal with the devil. That’s the only way to describe Nikau’s trapping by Sienna. We’ve seen him cheat on Bella with his bitch of a boss and now, he’s dealing with the fallout. Not to mention, it’s beginning to affect those around him. His best friend Ryder and his stepcousin Chloe are now at odds over it.

Ryder, having been friends with Bella long before Nikau even showed up in the Bay doesn’t approve of what he did, regardless of the circumstances. Chloe, however, immediately jumps to her cousin’s defence, saying that he was manipulated. This results in a massive blow-up between the couple.

Yes, Chloe’s right, Nikau was manipulated by Sienna, but if he knew Bella at all, he would know that she would NEVER cheat on him. This is what lead him to jump into bed with his agent. Cheating, no matter whether a person is manipulated or not, is NEVER okay.

Let’s say for example that Ryder cheated on Chloe. She wouldn’t forgive him. EVER. Neither would Ari or Mia. So, Chloe needs to really think about her morals.

Sienna To Get What She Wants?

We’ve been questioning for a while whether Sienna actually wants Nik for herself or for another purpose. If we’re honest here, it looks like she is using him to further his career by removing the one thing that matters most to him; Bella. She sees the photographer as a distraction to Nikau’s career as he only became a model to advance her career.

Though, he also wanted to give back to his family. From the look of it, the promo for this week shows that Nikau’s relationship with his uncles is becoming tense. They know Sienna is behind the destruction of his relationship with Bella and are trying to tell him to stay the hell away from her.

We’ve seen a few times that Nikau has attempted to cut ties with Sienna and his career with him only being reeled back in. After he told Bella about his affair, he told Sienna were to shove his contract in which she retorts she’ll see him in court. Before this, however, he wanted to get out of it only to be told if he did, Bella would lose her internship.

Sienna has been the driving force behind Nikau’s decisions. She’s not doing it to be nice. She is doing what she can to put him on top. She is destroying his happiness so he will only rely on her. So, far it’s worked. He claims to not want to go to Japan but then he changes his mind and tells Ari and Tane they can’t stop him.

This is Sienna getting what she wants. She knows how to push him. The one thing she knew that would push him to do what she wants is to make sure he has nothing left so that he’ll lean on her.

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