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Home And Away: Roo Thinks She’s Gone Crazy When She Begins Seeing ‘Evan’ However, Alf And Ryder See Him Too


Roo is struggling with Evan’s death just as much as Ryder is, but when she begins to see a man who looks just like the late musician, she thinks she is going crazy.

The last few weeks have been crazy for the Stewarts. Roo returned to the Bay with Evan’s guitar and had to break the news to her nephew that his dad had passed. Now, as the family struggles with their grief, there is hope yet, but better still it is going to said them crazy… In a good way, of course!

With everything going on, the last thing Roo wants to do is think she’s going crazy. She begins seeing a man around town who looks just like Evan. She goes to Marilyn to vent her feelings on the issue. When it keeps happening, it becomes even more weird.

Roo even tells Alf and Ryder and they think she’s lost her marbles, until they see the man walk pass them. They even argue over who is going to talk to him which was hilarious to watch. Eventually they introduce themselves to the guy who says his name is Owen.

Owen’s Reaction To Ryder’s Bombshell

Ryder shows Owen photos of his late father and he guy almost falls out of his seat. He says: “It’s like looking in a mirror.” Knowing that the Stewarts are the only ones with can provide him with answers, he decides to look into his parentage deeper.

In recent episodes, Owen decides to contact Births, Deaths, and Marriage to get his birth certificate. Sure enough, he learns he and Evan were adopted out as babies as they were born to a single mother. What upsets him the most is that he never got the chance to know his identical twin. However, Ryder comes up with an idea. He plays him the video he recorded of his dad performing. He even shows him Evan’s guitar.

It turns out that Owen can play guitar too but he’s no musician. What makes this so meaningful is that Ryder allows his newfound uncle to play his dad’s prized instrument. This goes to show that he is a welcome member of the family despite not knowing them very well yet. They know that Evan would what his brother accepted if he had known about him.

Roo’s Rough Time

Roo and Evan had a close connection when he was alive. After talking with Maz and her dad, she realises she was in love with Evan and seeing Owen only makes it more painful for her.

Seeing how much having his uncle around means to Ryder, Roo is allowing him to bond with him, but it’s harder on her than she wants to admit. Seeing a man who looks identical to the one she was in love with is eting away at her.

She spent a lot of time with Evan and it only strengthened the connection she had with him. To see her struggle only breaks our hearts as her crazy theory actually came true.

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