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Home And Away: Nikau Outs Jade As A Pervert!


Nikau becomes Ryder’s hero when he learns Jade is a pervert and has a history of recording guys.

As we said in yesterday’s Home and Away post, never cross Nikau Parata. Jades arrives at the Parata’s motel room and begs for her phone back. Gemma asks what’s going on while her son tells her that Jade is a pervert. The mother-of-one is surprised by this but Nik tells her he has it handled. Ari arrives back and slams the door in Jade’s face.

Nik heads to Summer Bay House but Ben shoos him away. He goes into the house to find Ryder. Nikau gives him the phone and tells him about Jade being a pervert. He mentions they’re not her only victims.

He later runs into Jade who again begs him for her phone back. She threatens him but he stands up to her. He tells her he gave Ryder her phone.

Nikau goes back to Summer Bay House and summons Ryder at his grandparents’ wedding reception. Together, they find Jade inside the house looking for her phone. The confrontation then spills outside where Alf demands to know what the hell is going on.

Jade threatens the boys but the guys reveal that she’s a pervert who has been recording and blackmailing other guys and that Ryder is just another one of her playthings. A furious Alf tells Jade to pack up her van and leave before he calls the police.

Alf then turns his attention on Nik, but Ryder stops him saying Nikau helped him expose Jade. Mr Stewart then tells Nik to join the party.

When Nikau joins his mother and uncle, he tells them he was the ‘guest of honour’ at the Stewart wedding. This comes up in conversation between Ari and Gemma later when they decide to stay in the Bay. Their decision to stay is finalised when Irene offers Gemma a job at the Diner.

The actors were amazing in tonight’s episode!

Yes! Jade was exposed as a pervert and everything’s dandy again. We have to wait until next week to see if the case against Ryder is dropped.

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