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Home And Away: Nikau Needs Re-Evaluate His Life


Nikau really needs to think twice before he jumps head long into something dangerous…

Home and Away this week has been dragging up drama after drama and that includes Nikau almost dying… several times. While we should be saying he deserves it for the way he has acted in recent months, we’re not going to go quite that far. Instead, we’re going to be go over why he really needs to re-evaluate his life.

So, Nikau went from defending Jade to busting her when he realised he was being played though it was Ryder who told him she was bad news. At first, he hated Ryder but soon, they became close friends. It was through him, that Nik met Bella and as they say the rest is history.

Going onto what is happening now, Nikau is now laying in a hospital bed and has had multiple surgeries after he way thrown from Dean’s car. While it has been reported via set photos that Dean, Mia, and Nik all survive, there was one casuality. Mia miscarries her and Ari’s unborn daughter in the crash.

It would only be fair to have Nikau look at what everthing that has gone wrong since he showed up in Summer Bay with his mother Gemma and his uncles, Ari and Tane. He has gone from loyal friend and boyfriend to an image obsessed male model who ‘accidentally’ slept with his agent when there was a ‘misunderstanding’ regarding Bella.

Re-Evaluate Might Be To Strong Of A Word

Nikau has let almost everyone he cares for down. Ari even told him prior to the crash that if he walks through out the door, not to come back. One hundred precent right. As much as Ari has been annoying us since Mia and Chloe surfaced, he had every right to tell his nephew what is what.

Nik cheated on Bella and punched Ryder for defending her right to be upset. Also, Chloe is unable to see the larger picture. She believes the Paratas were the perfect family and this, that, and the other. Ari was sent to prison and he actually admits he’s not perfect. Nikau had to have his head pulled in a few times since arriving in the Bay and for a short time, it worked.

Everything was good for Nikau until Mia and Chloe showed up, and the modelling gigs happened and Sienna ruining his life. Nik really needs to stop and think about the people he assoicates with before he jumping head first into something.

Sienna hated how Bella was Nikau’s inspiration and reason to rebel. She thought that because of his ragged good looks would benefit her own career and busted him and Bella apart for her own selfish needs. Thank god Emmett saw through the ploy, but Nik didn’t want to hear it. To him, his agent walked on the clouds.

For anyone watching the show, be sure to think before you leap.

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