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Home And Away: Nikau Finally Wakes Up To Jade’s Deception – Will He And Ryder Win Their Fight?


Jade Lennox had better watch her back because her new toy boy Nikau is going to wake up to her deceit.

The wicked witch known as Jade had better watch out because her lies are about to unravel. Since she arrived, she’s stolen from Salt and has framed Ryder for posting a sex tape of them online. Moreover, as the teenager’s life begins to come undone, he might be able to prove his former fling’s lies with the help of an unlikely ally.

Never Cross Ryder And Nikau

From the moment Nikau Parata arrived in town with his mother Gemma and Uncle Ari, he’s been caught up in Jade’s twisted game of revenge. He and Ryder even got into a punch up that had to be broken up by Ben. However, spoilers from Back to the Bay hint at an alliance forming between the two youths.

Whatever happens will make Nik realise that Jade has been playing him and might seek his own revenge by extending an olive branch to Ryder. This is an interesting turn of events seeing as he became Jade’s knight in shining armour.

Normally, storylines like this fizz out quickly. Though, we intrigued to see how Nikau and Ryder put their differences aside. We want see Jade turn a bright shade of red when realises she’s been caught. Also, what does Nik see that makes him change his mind?

Do the pair become friends the way VJ and Jett did? We’re going to be cheering from the lounge, that’s for certain. Jade is a bitch who will stop at nothing to blame someone else for her own mistakes! We love how her actress, Mia Morrissey plays her. She should definitely be nominated for a Logie!

Home and Away airs on Channel 7 at 7pm Mondays to Thursday. Catch up episodes stream on 7Plus.

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