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Home And Away: Nikau Busts Jade!


Don’t undermine Nikau Parata! The newcomer has just busted Jade and it’s about to get juicy!

He’s only been in the Bay a week and Nikau is quickly catching on that his fling, Jade isn’t who she says she is. After seeing her steal $20 from Salt, he decides to confront her. While this isn’t the best move, he realises Ryder was right about her. Before this, he goes with her to Summer Bay house to pay her rent.

When Ryder shows up, Jade accuses him of stalking her (again) despite him living there. His Aunt Roo is far from impressed and takes her money before telling her to leave.

As time goes on, Nikau realises things aren’t adding up. It suddenly makes sense when Jade is rude to Gemma (his mum) when she walks into Salt with her resume. Nik sees the whole thing and confronts her when the vixen says Gemma’s desperate.

Upon being told the woman she was rude to was her new beau’s mother, Jade suddenly fakes being upset because Nikau didn’t tell her about Gemma walking into the restaurant. Nik defends himself and says that he didn’t know his mum would show up.

The Pieces Begin To Click Together

Taking Jade back to where he, Gemma and his uncle Ari are staying, he begins to unload on her in an attempt to get a confession. Jade attempts to seduce him, but he doesn’t buy it and she storms out, saying he’s worse than Ryder.

Later, Nikau joins Jade at Salt as she wants to tell him why she was rude to his mother and stole the money. Pulling him into the storage area, she gives him a sob story about Ryder having stolen her innocence and tries to seduces him again.

At first it appears to work, but she’s caught off guard when Nik whispers that he recorded everything she’d said. He reveals he hid his phone on a top shelf. He then leaves her in the storage area without her top.

We can’t wait to see what happens next and we’re excited to see what punishment she’ll get for her lies and her stealing. Oh, and let’s not forget the next sob story she’ll create to herself out of trouble! Colby had better arrest her and Ryder should press charges for harrassment!

It should be said that we’re totally Team Nikau now!

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