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Home And Away: Meet The Parata Family


There’s a new family in Summer Bay…

After the devastating end of the 2019 Season of Home and Away, we’re getting the chance to welcome a few new faces to cast. The Aussie soap started introducing the Parata family during the hospital siege that saw Mason Morgan shot dead and has continued to roll out members. We’re going to walk through who each member is below! But we’re even more excited that they’re first Kiwi family on the show in like ever!

Ari Parata (Rob Kipa-Williams)

[Credit: New Idea]

The first member of the family is Ari who gets caught up in the hospital siege in the season finale. He’d arrived at the hospital after injuring himself on a construction site and is quick to comfort a terrified Marilyn. He manages to escape after Mason creates a distraction that costs the young doctor his life.

Outside, paramedics treat his injury and is reunites with a woman who hugs him. From what we know, Ari is the brother of Tane, an uncle of Nikau and a brother-in-law to Gemma who we’ll introduce in a moment.

Gemma Parata (Bree Peters)

[Credit: Stuff.co.nz]

The matriarch of the Parata family, Gemma reunites with her brother-in-law, Ari after he escapes from the hospital siege. She is the mother of Nikau and is the sister-in-law to the already mentioned Ari and his brother, Tane.

According to actress Bree Peters, Gemma is the type of mum that will cheer from the sidelines of a Rugby game. Her family is everything to her and she has to endure a house full of boys.

Nikau Parata (Kawakawa Fox-Reo)

[Credit: New Idea]

Nikau is the youngest member of the Parata family and he’s already been charmed by the scheming Jade. The son of Gemma and nephew of Ari and Tane, Nikau makes himself his first enemy in Ryder after Jade manipulates him and makes him believe Ryder is stalking her.

If speculation is correct, Nikau will romance Colby’s sister, Bella after just meeting her for a day. This budding romance won’t sit well with Bella’s honorary big brother, Dean.

Tane Parata (Ethan Browne)

The final member of the Parata family that has yet to appear is Tane, the brother of Ari and other uncle of Nikau. Tane is Ari’s younger brother and likes to cause mischief though deep down he loves his family. Basically, he’s the Kiwi version of Heath Braxton if you stop and think about it. We think we’re going to like him the best! He’s also the brother-in-law of Gemma.

Things May Change

Before we conclude this article, we need to tell you that these familial positions might end up changing as there’s been ‘spoiler’ posts on Instagram saying that either Ari or Tane is the brother of Gemma. We’ll post an update post this happens!

Home and Away airs weeknights on Channel 7.

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