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Home And Away: Love Triangle Is Brewing!

It’s been a while since Home and Away has had a love triangle. While most are often stale, the one that is coming up is going to be interesting.

With Home and Away now back on our screens, there’s a little something coming up that will blow the back and forward love triangles on The Bold and the Beautiful out of the water. However, the love triangle isn’t going to be between a fashion designer, a family matriarch and a media mogul. It’s going to be between a wealthy business owner, a cop, and a newcomer to Summer Bay.

Colby Thorne has had a rough trot since he arrived in the Bay. He’s been exposed as a River Boy. Meanwhile, the truth of what happened to his sister came out and that his stepfather murdered his parents. Then, he kills his ass of a stepdad but his wife leaves him in the process. Talk about difficult. Now, he’s in an on-off relationship with his best mate’s half-sister. Family values must be very different in Summer Bay.

Anyway, Mackenzie might be on the straight and narrow, especially when it comes to the bond she’s formed with her brother. However, her relationship with Colby has proven troublesome and she’s flirted with Ari to get her mind off him. According to this week’s TV Week, there’s a love triangle brewing between the wealthy restaurant owner, the town’s cop, and the newcomer tradie.

Ari, on the other hand, has had to deal with the likes of John Palmer consistently breathing down his neck due his close friendship with Marilyn. Things certainly didn’t get better when Palmer unearthed his and his family’s dark secret. He’s also been finding himself in Mac’s company at the bar at Salt. Not to mention the drunken flirting he’s been doing.

It will be interesting to see how far this love triangle goes as it kinda sprung up out of nowhere.

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