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Home And Away: Jasmine Re-Emerges


Jasmine re-emerges in upcoming episodes as the fallout from her obsession with her stepdaughter Grace continues to play out.

The aftermath of Jasmine’s obsession with Baby Grace is far from over. She escaped Summer Bay and ended up on the Shaw family farm. Her friends are increasingly worried about her, but she thinks they’re against her getting her hands on her stepdaughter. Irene receives a phone call from Robbo’s mother, Wendy to tell her the nurse is with her and Ian and isn’t talking. However, this week, she re-emerges and refuses to go home despite Colby and Irene’s attempts to talk her around.

As Robbo’s best friend, Colby was asked to look out for Jasmine and he has been, though is not the way she sees it. When she went on her tirade, she said her late husband would be appalled that he is not doing what he asked. The cop is really worried and so are Irene and Willow. Even Grace’s mum, Tori is concerned. This comes not long after the confrontation at the gym.

Wendy Tries To Get Jasmine To Open Up And Irene Decides To Intervene

With Jasmine working on the farm with her in-laws, Wendy attempts to get her daughter-in-law to open up. However, when Tori and Grace are mentioned, she shuts down completely. It’s this moment that Robbo’s parents realise there’s something going on and Jas isn’t dealing with it.

An increasingly worried Irene decides to take matters into her own hands when Jasmine refuses to pick up her phone. She and Colby form a plan and get Tori’s seal of approval before they go about what they have in mind.

Colby and Irene visit the farm and are welcomed warmly by Wendy and Ian. Jasmine re-emerges and is far from happy to see them and tells them to leave. She then drops on them; she’s staying with her in-laws… permanently. Ahh… do they know that?


The doctor agrees with Irene and Colby that Jasmine needs treatment and she needs to come home. However, the new mum cannot help but feel nervous and frightened at the idea of the woman who helped raise her daughter for the first six weeks being around her again.

This will put her at odds with Justin who will probably tell her that it’s a bad idea to have Jasmine return. He’s already made his views on her quite clear but it didn’t make it any better as it pissed off Irene who said her young charge needs help.

Like any parent, Tori has every right to be concerned but as she states, she cannot be the one to help her. If Jasmine re-emerges in Summer Bay, will the nurse actually get help, or will she continue to spiral?

Willow Puts Her Foot Down

Something must work because Willow will sit down with Jasmine and forces her to open up. We can only imagine what is going to be said. If we had to guess, there will be references to Robbo and how he wanted his wife to ‘protect’ Grace and everything that has been said before. There could even be bitterness, resentment towards Tori and jealousy that she had Ryan’s baby.

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