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Home And Away: Jasmine Becomes Even More Unhinged

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Jasmine’s world has unraveled to the point where her friends are distancing themselves from her. She has not been herself and it’s only becoming worse as she is beginning to think everyone who cares for her is out to get her. She is become unhinged and it’s only getting scarier.

Since Robbo’s death, Jasmine has been in a state of depression by telling everyone that she’s fine when she’s obviously not. All her friends – sans Tori – have noticed the nurse is becoming unhinged and it’s beginning to scare them. After drunkenly having kissed Colby at his divorce party, she threatens to leave the Bay after being told off by Irene, Marilyn, and Tori for taking Grace and lying about it.

Jasmine has become paranoid to the point she thinks Willow was ‘gossiping’ to Colby about her. The friends get into a huge fight which is witnessed by Justin and Leah. The unhinged, yet grieving widow tells her BFF they are not mates. She then proceeds to criticise her for her failed relationships, including her recent breakup with Alex.

Struggling, Jasmine goes for a run and ends up at the Morgan house. After a chat with Tori, the doc who has been run off her feet goes for a nap while her daughter’s stepmother watches her. When Justin and Leah get home, they’re surprised to find the nurse taking photos with Grace on the couch.

Justin, then wakes up his sister who asks what’s going on. He basically tells her to get Jasmine to leave. Hurt, she [Jasmine] does so which irks Tori. This results in an argument between the siblings. The doc tells her brother that she is Grace’s mum and she gets to decide who visits her baby, not him.

Back at Irene’s, Jasmine pulls out a family photo album and places the photos she took earlier of her and Grace. She even places in photos of when Robbo was still alive.

Messy As Heck!

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Is Jasmine becoming like The Secrets She Keep’s Agatha? For anyone who has been following our coverage, one of the protagonists is obsessed with motherhood. She then steals another woman’s newborn.

Unlike Agatha, Jasmine never wanted to be a mother until Grace entered her life when Tori was in a coma. Then there was the whole phantom pregnancy thing and it went downhill from there. It’s scary how quickly she’s become unhinged.

Could Jasmine Do A Runner With Grace? What Would Robbo Think?

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Given Jasmine’s mental state and her attachment to Grace, it wouldn’t surprise us if the struggling nurse decides to kidnap her stepdaughter and it leads to a manhunt. Or, perhaps she ends up accusing Tori of being a terrible mother and filing for full custody. She might even fake injuries to make it looks like the baby has been hurt.

Robbo would be disturbed at how unhinged his wife has become. He would not her to mourn him and he would want her to keep living her life. She’d argue that it’s not worth it without him and Grace.

Could Tori Step In And Put A Stop To Jasmine’s Unhinged Behaviour?

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It could be argued that Tori doesn’t want to see that her friend is in pain. However, she’s seen that Jasmine is capable of going behind her back and taking her daughter without actually consulting her first.

Tori cared about Robbo which is why she asked him to be her sperm donor. Jasmine needs to realise that she has no legal right to her husband’s daughter and that Tori is the infant’s mother and she’s the one who calls the shots now.

Robbo would not want his wife trying to honour him in the way she is alleging. He would listen to both sides of the argument in regards to Tane and Tori trusts Marilyn’s judgement and she always has. She knew Grace was safe from the beginning, but Jasmine thought it was her god given right to go against her wishes. This is going to be ugly if Jasmine is pushed too far.

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