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Home And Away: Jasmine And Willow’s Friendship Has Become Rocky!

Willow has been increasingly worried about her best friend and roommate Jasmine’s behaviour. While it looked like for a while that they were going to be able to patch things up, the resurfacing of Ross Nixon’s body has caused their already fragile friendship to become rocky again.

It’s not Summer Bay without drama! The already rocky friendship between Jasmine and Willow has resurfaced with Ross Nixon’s remains coming back into play. There’s only so much that be said without the whole secret unravelling.

However, the whole situation with Ross is putting a spanner in the works of Jasmine and Willow becoming friends again. Since Will knew that Colby killed his stepdad to protect his sister, Jas doesn’t know about any of this and for a good reason.

Now that Angelo is back and investigating Ross’ murder, Willow has had to drop everything to deal with the fallout of Colby’s crime. She has dropped the responsibilities she has to the gym as its manager which Jasmine, as the owner has picked up on.

Not to mention, there’s been a lot of the phrase, ‘You’re selfish’ being chucked around.

If Only Jasmine Knew

Jasmine has zero right to call Willow selfish given her own behaviour as of late. If she thinks the pair’s relationship was rocky then, it’s even more so now.

Willow can’t say anything about what is going on because the news would spread around town like wildfire. Also, it would spell trouble for Colby. He would lose his job and he’d be arrested for murder. Dean would be charged for being an accessory as he was there when Ross got killed.

Jasmine can ‘call Willow out’ all she wants but it’s going to be rocky regardless of what happens next. When the truth gets out as it always does, we have zero doubts that she’s going to call her so-called bestie out for being a ‘murderer’. In saying that, she also doesn’t know Will got shot by Ross and tried to kill Bella and Chelsea.

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