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Home And Away: Jai Puts The Pieces Together That Dean Is His Dad


Little Jai has had a massive impact on Dean. He even dropped a massive bombshell on him and his mother, Amber; he knows that her ‘friend’ is his dad.

There is no denying that little Jai is a little cutie. He’s already met Ziggy whom Dean referred to as ‘his friend’ rather than his girlfriend. Anyway, in tonight’s episode, the kid meets his Aunt Mac but doesn’t know it at the time of their introduction.

After having fun with Dean and his mum, he asks if Dean is his dad. This surprises his parents with his mother being forced to tell him the truth. Amber asks her son if its okay and he nods before he runs to give his father a great big hug. This was such a cute moment and he’s such a delightful kid.

When Dean tells Mac that Jai is his son, she laughs at him but realises he’s being serious. She then pieces it together when she sees Amber and is in total disbelief that her brother has a child with a woman she despises. Though it’s even more of a surprise that she has a nephew.

Mac’s Chat With Ziggy

Ziggy is still reeling from the revelation that Dean is Jai’s dad. Mac can see this and asks if she’s okay. She explains to her boyfriend’s sister that while she’s processing the news, she’s happy for her beau. Though, she leaves out that Amber has a problem with her as she doesn’t trust her to be a stepmother to her son.

Mac tells her that she’ll check on her later as she has to head to work herself.

John’s Reaction To Jai Being Dean’s Son

Upon entering the Surf Club, Amber, Dean, and Jai run into John.

Dean tells Jai that John is going to give him free Gelato. This doesn’t go over well with the cantankerous business owner, but seeing the bouncy, happy little boy, Palmer can’t bring himself to say no and is surprised when Amber says Jai is hers.

What Must Be Going Through Ziggy’s Mind Right Now?

Ziggy has been put through the ringer in the last few months. First she learns she might not be Ben’s daughter only to discover later that she is. Then she decides to officially divorce Brody. Finally, her parents move to Italy, leaving her as the only Astoni in the Bay.

Now, she discovers that Dean has a son with another woman that he had no idea about. She’s how committed her boyfriend has become to Jai and knows he will stand by the little dude. However, her run in with Amber leaves her shaken to the core.

When she asks why Amber has been avoiding Dean’s messages, the red head explains that she doesn’t have a problem with the father of her child. It’s Ziggy she’s worried about. She doesn’t trust her to be a stepmum to her son.

Let’s just say, Ziggy’s opinion of Amber basically dropped to below zero.

Ziggy appears to be at a loss of what to do. She loves Dean, but doesn’t want to be a third (or fourth) wheel. She also doesn’t want him to be forced to include her in bonding time with Jai. Seeing Dean playing with his son is hard for her to process as she wanted a child with him, but he told her about his mental condition that is heredity which put a stopper in her family plans.

Could Amber Want Dean Back?

Amber and Dean often hooked up when they were younger which eventually resulted in Jai. She was also not one for long-term relationships. So, could the fiery redhead want her former flame back?

It’s possible as we’ve heard a rumor that Amber kisses Dean. We’re not sure if Ziggy sees this or not, but if she does, it’s going to cause a TON of issues. This might even lead to a breakup, leaving the redhead with everything she wants for her son.

We hope that Dean and Ziggy don’t break up as it would prove Brody right when he said the former River Boy wasn’t right for his ex-wife.

Mac’s Involvement

We know Mac hates Amber and the feeling is mutual with the redhead. The restaurant owner is also Dean’s sister who happens to be Jai’s aunt. But, given the closeness between Mackenzie and her brother, Amber is just going to have to put up with her because she’s her son’s family too.

Jai exhibits a lot of qualities Dean has and its clear when he meets Mac, it’s obvious. He is a very polite and respectful to new people. Having his aunt around could be very beneficial to him in a few ways.

Like Mac, Jai is very open and up for meeting new people and he was excited to meet someone close to Dean. If the little boy were to get to know Mackenzie better, it might rub his mum up the wrong way given the rivalry they have.

Dean might need to defuse the situation as he loves his sister and Amber is the mother of his son. Also, Mac is one of the few people who can talk sense into him outside of Willow, Colby, Ziggy, and Bella.


Dean was raised by his single mother, Karen who has a mental illness. In recent years, she has gotten better, but she is known to be very outspoken. She approved of Ziggy as her son’s partner and Mac being his half-sister. However, how is she going to react to having a grandson?

That would be FASCINATING to see! We’re sure she would spoil Jai rotten.

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