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Home And Away: Everyone In Summer Bay Becomes A Suspect In The Death Of Susie

Everyone is a suspect in Susie’s possible murder…

Susie’s death was something that was always going to happen. She screwed a lot of people over which makes almost everyone in the sleepy, seaside town a suspect in her apparent murder. But who could have killed her (if it was a homicide), what was their motive or could it have been suicide to prevent Leah, John, and Stephen from finding her? We go over the possibilities right now.

Please be advised that this post does contain potential spoilers for what is to come so please do not read ahead if you don’t want to know anything else.

Susie The Con

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Susie arrived in Summer Bay with one purpose; to scam as many people as possible. She struck up a fake romance with John and posed as a real estate agent to con $90k of Justin and Leah’s live savings out of them as they were looking for a house. But, Irene was onto her in an instant. She knew something wasn’t right with the woman and confronted her.

The Diner co-owner was almost a victim of an alcohol drugging which ended up being John’s undoing as Susie didn’t know Irene was a recovering alcoholic. However, she did end up on the receiving end of being knocked out with chloroform.

Justin and Leah ended up at each other’s throats because of how trusting they both were of Susie. Not to mention, John’s ex-wife, Marilyn became too close for comfort to the scam artist who didn’t like her getting close to John to whom she is still friendly.

Suspect, Suspect, Suspect, And Motive!

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Everyone who got burned by Susie is a suspect in what we can assume to be a murder. Though, it could very well be a suicide. We’ll reach that bridge a little later.

Susie is a seasoned con artist as she has scammed countless other people who would all want to do her harm too. One of those is Leah and John’s new ally, Stephen who lost his marriage because of Susie’s interference. While our money is on him being the killer, we can’t rule out anyone else as they all have motive.

  • Leah and Justin – both had a motive because they were scammed out of $90k.
  • John – was conned into a relationship where he was gaslighted into giving Susie access to money from the surf club surf comp fundraiser.
  • Irene drugged and knocked out because she got too close to the truth about what Susie was up to.
  • Stephen – lost his marriage and his whole life.
  • Marilyngot too close to John and lost any chance of reconciling with John.

Possible Suicide

Scam; suspect
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It is also possible that Susie committed suicide to stop people from coming after her. This would be similar to an old storyline with Alf’s granddaughter, Martha. Her on-off husband, Jack’s new wife, Sam hated her and bad people were after her. So, she overdosed on drugs and made it look like a homicide to get back at Martha for trying to steal Jack. We cannot remember the whole storyline off by heart but this was the basis of it.

Could it be possible that Susie has pulled a similar stunt to avoid being caught by the police? She has a lot of enemies so she could’ve framed one of them for her death. She was an incredibly crafty individual who knew how to insert herself into people’s lives. Look at how possessive she was of John every time Marilyn interacted with him. It’s just a pity that Irene was the only one to see through her lies before it was too late.

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