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Home And Away: Colby Tries To Ruin Angelo’s Career!


Colby is putting his career at risk and he’s about to go one step further by filing a complaint against Angelo.

Colby is never going to stop until there is no evidence linking him to his stepfather’s murder. He is not just risking his family’s safety at risk, he is also putting his career in the direct line of fire. He’s not acting like himself and it’s causing his sister, Bella to resort to blackmailing him and best mate Dean is on the warpath. However, our primary Home and Away source, Back to the Bay as unveil new spoilers for what’s to come for the embattled cop. He’s going to do something that is push everything over the edge; he’s going to file a complaint against Angelo and it’s not going to end well.

Since Angelo’s return to the Bay, it’s been made very clear that he is not the same guy who left in 2011 with then-girlfriend Nicole and her son, George. He is the polar opposite and is career-focused to the point he is neglecting wife Taylor which hasn’t escaped Colby’s notice.

Colby And Taylor’s Affair

From the moment Colby and Taylor crossed paths, it was obvious where their friendship was going to end up; a full-blown affair behind Angelo’s back. However, it all a ruse for Thorne as he believes that if he gets close enough to Rosetta’s wife, she’ll unwittingly give him information.

What’s more is it looks like Colby is beginning to develop feelings for Taylor while she has not been of much help to his cause. If Angelo were to discover the affair, he will want Thorne to lose his career and he’d end his marriage.

Taylor is oblivious to the fact Colby is simply using her to get close to her husband’s case. Though, when the affair started, she feared that it would get out and it would ruin everything, including Thorne’s career. However, she has fallen into it because she wants love that Angelo won’t give her.

Angelo’s Not So Perfect Past

If you’ve been watching Home and Away for years, you’ll know that Angelo is not the flawless detective he wants people to think he is. He accidentally shot dead fellow cop Jack Holden and the aftermath was not great. Tony, Jack’s dad attacked him and let’s not forget, that before his first departure, Rosetta also let Roo’s daughter Martha, and Hugo, Jack’s cousin go on the run.

According to Back to the Bay, it’s assumed that Colby does some digging into Angelo’s past and discovers what happened with Jack. Now, we’re not sure if this is the case or not. We’re going to wait until the episodes air before we confirm it.

Harassment Report

Angelo has been in Colby’s face since he arrived in town. While we understand why he files the complaint, there’s more to it. It’s a diversion to keep Rosetta off his scent. Don’t expect it to last long as the detective goes for the cop’s head when he hear from his his superiors.

This only makes Angelo more determined to prove that Colby was responsible for Ross’ death. We know the cop gets bused and is put in prison. But will our theory of a prison break death happen? We won’t know anything until the episodes air.

Also, we don’t know the extent of the harassment complaint. Will it actually end Angelo’s career or will it end Colby’s? We’re just happy to be along with the ride.

How The Angelo/Taylor/Colby Plot Ends?

Before we end our post, we wanted to answer a question we just came up with. How will the ‘love triangle’ between Angelo/Taylor/Colby end? If we had to guess, it gets exposed and everything is thrown out into the open. Willow and Dean will be right about their best friend’s plot being dangerous.

Angelo will likely rip into Taylor for everything that has happened with Colby. Will this end their marriage? Not sure would be our answer. It might, though it may not.

Now, we cannot forget about Bella. Ross was her dad whom she knew was a nasty piece of work. He murdered her mum and Colby’s father and he tried to hurt those she cared for just because he hated her brother. She is going to be devastated if something bad happens to him. Will she blame Angelo or Colby?

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