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Home And Away: Colby Plays Dirty And Angelo Is Not As Perfect As He Wants People To Think


Angelo is making himself out to be the perfect detective, but he’s not. His wife, Taylor has revealed to Colby that her cop hubby has screwed up in the past.

Angelo Rosetta presents himself as the perfect cop, but in all honesty, he’s not. His reputation went out the window when he shot dead colleague Jack Holden and allowed Roo’s daughter, Martha and her partner Hugo to go on the run. However, in the current storyline, we’re learning more about his time as a detective and it’s not pretty.

A desperate Colby is using dirty tactics to push Angelo further off his trail to prevent him from discovering he killed his stepfather, Ross eighteen months earlier. We mentioned in an earlier post that the cop tries to ruin the detective’s career by reporting him for harassment.

Well, this has already gone down and it wasn’t pleasant. Colby goes digging for information on Angelo to see what his track record is like as a cop. He is told by a colleague that Rosetta was on a case where he put an innocent man in prison. Needing more Intel, he decides to go to his ‘lover’ and Angelo’s wife, Taylor for assistance.

What Taylor Reveals

During their conversation, Taylor reveals that before he became a detective, Angelo had done something that had gotten him kicked off the force. If we had to guess, the event she’s referencing here is Jack’s death though we’re not sure as she doesn’t go into great amounts of detail. What we learn next is surprising.

After being reinstated as a cop and being promoted to detective, Angelo was put on a case where he put the wrong person behind bars. This is the clarification that Colby needs. However, Taylor reveals that what happened during the aftermath of that situation, almost destroyed their relationship and her husband as a whole.

This gives Colby enough to claim the disgraced cop harassed his family. He believes this complaint will help distance them from Angelo. The reason for this is Rosetta will need permission from his superiors to get interviews and information that will help the case.

Angelo Flips Out!

When news gets back to Angelo that Colby has filed a complaint against him, he flips out. This prompts Taylor and Dean to jump to break the pair up when it almost turns physical.

After the fight, Colby and Taylor secretly meet up and they share an embrace which is noticed by Bella. This later leads her to confronting the detective’s wife at Salt. Oooh! That could get ugly very quickly.

This not the end of the fight as Angelo is more determined to right the wrong that almost ended his career a second time. The last thing the commission needs is a cop who cannot do his job properly.

This ultimately brings us to our next point.

How Angelo Has Changed

As a longtime fan, it is easy for us to see how different Angelo was during his first tenure in Summer Bay to how he is now. The differences really stand out but it’s understandable why he has become how he is today.

It’s been made clear that being a cop is his life’s blood even back in the day before he became a detective. Angelo is really determined to crack the Ross Nixon case because it will redeem his name in the eyes of his superiors. He has been disgraced twice and he can’t fail a third time.

Personality wise, Angelo is not the same person he was. He has taken to the idea of using his connections in Summer Bay to get the information he needs. This is made clear when he uses Irene and she lays into him for it. He is not the same guy she or anyone else who was around then remembers.

Taylor has said that because of what has happened in Angelo’s past, he become someone who is determined to win. He has become someone who wants to play by the rules just to show that he can be a good cop. Whatever he does isn’t enough for those whom he works under. He is driven to make a statement that no one can ignore.

This has made it even more clearer that he did not return to the Bay to reunite with his friends.

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