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Home And Away: Cameron Daddo Returns To The Bay… As Evan Slater’s Identical Twin


Evan Slater is returning to the Bay… sort of. Cameron Daddo has shot new scenes but not as Ryder’s dad but as his identical twin, Owen.

Ryder and the rest of the Stewart clan are still mourning the loss of Evan. The travelling musician lost his battle to Asbestos poisoning off screen and had Roo at his side as he died. However, there’s something coming and we’re… all for it? Back to the Bay has confirmed a theory we’ve had for a while but hadn’t posted anything and that is Cameron Daddo will be playing Slater’s identical twin. Turns out we were right!

From what we know, Owen will come as a shock to Roo, so how will Ryder react when he learns that his father had an identical twin? It might be a shock at first as he looks and sounds like Evan.

We don’t know too much Evan. Only that he was adopted and as far as he was aware, he had no biological siblings. He met Quinn, Ryder’s mum on a cruise ship and they were going to settle in Queensland but it never happened. So, what could’ve occurred that lead to Evan not knowing his brother? Perhaps his birth parents could only take care of one child and had to give the other one up?

There’s a load of ways this story could go. From what Back to the Bay reports, Georgie Parker mentioned in an interview that she’d just filmed a kissing scene. This has us wondering whether it was a on-off or whether Owen and Roo will be actual love interests. We can only imagine what Alf and Martha are going to say when they find out about this.

There’s virtually no information on Owen at all and it’s unclear when his first scenes will air. However, given the release of the Back to the Bay article, it’s likely to be very soon. When we’ve got more Intel, we’ll post an update.

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