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Home And Away: Cameron Daddo Joins The Cast!


Can we please welcome Cameron Daddo to Summer Bay?!

There’s a new member of the Stewart family in the Bay… sort of. Cameron Daddo has arrived in Summer Bay as Evan Slater, the long-lost father of Alf’s grandson, Ryder. However, it’s not going to be sunflowers and roses. There’s going to be some real tension.

Back Story

When Ryder first arrived in the Bay, his mother, Quinn who is Alf’s lesser known daughter and half-sister to Roo, explains how her son came to be. She was a musician on a cruise ship when met her child’s dad. When she fell pregnant, he wanted to settle on the Gold Coast but didn’t follow through with the plan. This ultimately left Quinn to raise their son alone.

Now, it appears Evan wants in on Ryder’s life, but why now?

Surprise Visitor

After arriving home from work, Ryder finds a mysterious stranger on the doorstep of Summer Bay house playing a song that Quinn use to perform for him when he was growing up. The man tells him that he’s his dad after mentioning that it was song he and his baby mama use to perform together.

We don’t know much about Daddo’s character other than his ties to Quinn and Ryder. However, we know Alf doesn’t take too kindly to him when he arrives home from his and Martha’s honeymoon. Though, it has been teased that Evan might be a potential love interest for Roo, Ryder’s aunt and Quinn’s sister.

A Shocking Secret

Evan will be quick to befriend Roo and will confide in her that he has a secret. Though, we don’t have any clue as to what this end up being. He might have a secret family with a wife and other kids. Perhaps he killed someone or is on the run. Anything is possible.

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