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Home And Away: A Wild Week Come And Gone!


Summer Bay cannot go a week without any sort of drama! We certainly wouldn’t want it any other way.

Another week has come and gone on Home and Away and the drama has kept us somewhat occupied. Between Jasmine’s heartbreak over some bad news to Tane’s arrival in the Bay, there’s just so much to talk about. Without further ado, let’s dive in!

Ziggy’s Paternity

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Continuing on from last week, we FINALLY learn who Ziggy’s father is and drum roll please… it’s Ben! Thank. GOD! However, the situation with Maggie still isn’t any easier as both father and daughter still don’t want anything to do with her.

However, Ben tells Ziggy that everything that is going on between him and her mum shouldn’t worry her. Though, it does concern her as it was her paternity on the line.

Jasmine’s Heartache And Wendy Unintentionally Hurts Tori’s Feelings

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We found out more about Jasmine’s pregnancy and it was as drama packed as it could possibly get. After debating whether she should call her in-laws, Ian and Wendy, the young nurse calls them and her mother-in-law drives from the farm to join her for the ultrasound.

Reunited with her granddaughter Grace, Wendy wants to spend as much time as she can with her. She accidentally hurts Tori’s feelings when she says she doesn’t want the little girl around ‘strangers’ meaning her Uncle Justin and Leah.

Tori is visibly hurt by hurt by her comment, but she lets it slide, not wanting to burst the happy bubble Wendy is in.

At the hospital, the three women arrive for the ultrasound. However, it suddenly becomes apparent something is off. As the technician scans Jasmine, she can’t find the baby. It soon becomes clear that she was never pregnant despite the symptoms.

After pulling Jasmine out of the surf, Tori, Wendy, and Irene talk about the phantom pregnancy. Wendy even accuses her daughter-in-law of faking it. Tori explains that it’s a very real thing and that her friend’s grief over losing Robbo might have tricked her body into thinking it was pregnant.

Bella Is Sent Away To Deal With Her Mental Health

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Bella Nixon, the half-sister of Summer Bay’s newest cop, Colby Thorne always has a cloud of drama hanging around her. However, this time is the second time she’s self-harmed. After thinking that she was ready to take her relationship with Nikau to the next level, she suddenly suffers a panic attack related to almost being sexually assaulted by Tommy.

Nik calls Ryder in a panic and Colby is called. When he gets to the apartment, he finds Bella has been cutting herself. This ultimately causes Alf’s grandson to accuse his new friend of hurting his bestie.

After a conversation with his mother Gemma, Nik realises that he needs to talk to Colby. Arriving at the hospital, Tori tells him and Willow that this is the second time Bella has self-harmed and that they need to intervene. She then suggests sending her to a place where she can recover from her trauma.

At first, Bella doesn’t want a bar of where she ends up going. She ends up making a small amount of progress when she bonds with a horse named Bullet.


We wanted a lot more drama like a shakeup where it’s revealed that Marco was Ziggy’s dad. However, we’re glad that d-hole didn’t turn out to be her father. It would’ve sucked big time. We also knew something like a phantom pregnancy would have happened to Jasmine. She’s always getting the rough end of the stick. We hope she finds happiness soon.

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