Holy Crap! We Did NOT See That Coming! The President And First Lady Have Coronavirus!

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Okay, we did NOT see President Trump and First Lady Melania getting coronavirus!

We’re not sure whether we want to rejoice about this about or run around screaming but President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania have tested positive to coronavirus. While a load of people (including us) are jumping for joy, we need to exercise restraint.

While we hate Trump with every fibre of our being for what he is doing to America, he and the First Lady do NOT deserve to be in their current situation. We’re being the bigger people where. Having someone contract the virus is never good and the timing for the couple contracting it could not be worse. The election is in under over a month and when they get out of quarantine, they will have roughly 16 days of campaigning.

Being The Bigger Person

Yes, we despise Trump and the First Lady for backing her husband up on everything, we’re being the bigger person. As are the Biden-Harris camp. Joe and Kamala both posted the following Tweets:

[Credit: Twitter – @JoeBiden]

If the roles were reversed, Trump would jumping up and down bullying Biden. He would want people to see would ‘weak’ their potential president is. Joe is being smart and showing compassion towards Donald, not that he deserves it.

What Makes This Situation Unique

Given Trump’s age and other factors, his and the First Lady’s COVID diagnosis, this situation has the potential to go either way. They could live or they die. Sure, it’s similar to every other person who has gotten the virus and then recovered.

Yes, there have been world leaders who have contracted COVID-19, but this is America we’re talking about. It is one of the most powerful countries in the world and needs its president to function. Yes, the White House has Trump’s cronies, but he’s the one that has to sign off on everything. If he is unable to do so, power is transferred over to Mike Pence and he’s unable to do anything, Nancy Pelosi is in charge. The list goes on. However, it’s unlikely to get that far.

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