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Chronicles Of Harkle: H And The Hollywood Bus Tour


Hollywood. They say Tinseltown is FULL of cameras and what was Prince Harry caught doing? He was on a bus tour with his pal chat show host, James Corden which had not one, but three cameras, according to The Daily Mail which had photographic evidence. What’s the ex-royal going to say now? Is he going to pull the Meghan card and say ‘I’m suing because I was stalked and harassed’? *groans* What makes him even more of a hypocrite is that he was smiling when he has said in the past that just a flash sends him back to how his mother was a constant paparazzi target and that they were the reason she ended up dying.

Don’t get me wrong. Princess Diana is an icon to so many people, myself included. However, Harry is such a hypocrite! Let me get this straight. He bitches and whines about wanting privacy and yet, here he is pulling a Meghan and smiling at the camera like he knows it’s there. Also, he’s not struggling in Hollywood. He’s thriving. There I go. Sounding like she-who-is-precious. Ugh.

It feels like I keep talking in circles when it comes to Harry and Meghan. All they do is harp on about this, that, and the other while not putting in effort to do what they preach. I even wrote about this. What astounds me is how most of the media hasn’t spoken out about this more. YouTubers who cover the royal family have. One of those is Murky Meg who is known for being anti-Meghan though she is not racist or anything. I’ve watched a load of her videos and she’s someone that is willing to call out the Sussexes bad behaviour. Here’s a tweet she tweeted regarding the Hollywood bus situation:

[Credit: Twitter – @Murky_Meg]

Hollywood Bus DM Comments Via Murky Meg Explained

I wanted to go over Murky Meg’s screenshots that she posted to Twitter. These go to show how much the Sussexes love the spotlight despite them saying otherwise.

The first of the screenshots make reference to what I mentioned earlier about Harry and his hatred for the cameras. It also brings up the shit that he and Meghan sprouted saying they wanted privacy which ended up being a bit fat LIE. My favourite part is the ‘Markle the social climber’ bit. That sums the former actress up perfectly. She has always used men to get what she wants. Her marriage to ‘H’ is no different. It also goes into how the prince enables his wife’s behaviour.

Our second screenshot brings in the the mixing of Hollywood and royalty and now they don’t and shouldn’t gel. Also, it goes into how the Sussexes should not retain their titles. The comment mentions how they aren’t living in a Commonwealth country and that Meghan has no idea what it means to live in the cluster of nations outside of having the flowers of each nation put into her veil. Finally, it ends with how they want to stay in the limelight and how the prince is not inspirational but flat and boring.

The third screenshot is a doozy! It says that Harry and Meghan (who is called Migraine in the post) just love the lifestyle they have created for themselves where they think they’re celebrities. It also goes into how they’ll do anything to remain relevant including ghost their own families.

Finally, screenshot number four talks about how sad the commenter is that Harry is no longer the ‘rogue’ prince anymore. The person goes onto say that all they see is a guy who is delusional for being his wife’s puppet.

Does Harry Not Care About The Deal He and Meghan Made With The Queen?

To finish off, can I just note that Harry no longer cares for his family. If he did, he wouldn’t have broken so many terms of Megxit. His grandmother should strip him of his dukedom AND his honorary military titles. Now, I can just see his reaction when he talks to The Queen and she says, “Harry, after a lot of contemplation, I have decided to take all your titles including the ‘Prince’.”

Harry is going to be jumping up and down on the couch in the $15million mansion in Montecito throwing a hissy fit screaming how she can’t do that because they’re his and blah, blah, blah. Then, there’s Meghan. She’s probably going to pray… and plead with the Queen she said admired to not take about away their titles. It has been rumoured that she had ‘The Duchess of Sussex’ trademarked.

However, after a quick Google search it has become apparent that Meghan cannot use her title (or rather Harry’s) for commercial purposes. Though we did find a trademark called ‘HRH The Duchess of Sussex New Jersey’ though, it has nothing to do with her. A business owner has named a vegetable brand after her… Okay…

Going back to Harry, I’ve said this before and I’ll do it again. He has lost his appeal to the public. In other words, people have lost respect for him.

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