The Elephant In The Room: Has Anyone Noticed That NONE Of Harry’s Mates Have Come Out To Support Him And Meghan While Her Hollywood Pals Have?

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Harry and Meghan have a huge support system in Hollywood, but only Markle’s friends have spoken out. So, why hasn’t the Duke’s British pals?

It’s been almost two weeks since the destructive Oprah interview with Harry and Meghan came out and the world is STILL reeling. As much as we’re tired of having to talk about these two, this topic had to be discussed. It has been bought to people’s attention that there’s a pattern emerging with the support the Sussexes have gotten. Can you guess what it is? It’s the supposed Hollywood Elite speaking up. Figures, right? The Duchess was one of them in a sense not too long ago. Though, at the time, no one wanted to acknowledge her because she wasn’t well-known. What makes this really weird is that NONE of the Duke’s friends in the UK have issued their backing.

Now, we’ve seen Hollywood Elite come out in small droves to back Meghan and Harry up, however, why haven’t the Duke’s friends spoken up? We believe we might have an answer to that. They don’t want to get involved. Many of them, especially Tom “Skippy” Inskip allegedly warned his friend from their Eton days to not fall head over heels for someone he barely knows.

However, Skippy was ignored. He and his wife were invited to the wedding but not the special event afterward. The honour there went to A-listers like George and Amal Clooney and Oprah. All the nuptials were for Meghan were a massive networking opportunity. Remember what Harry’s godmother said about her conversation with the Clooneys?

The British have always had a fierce loyalty to the monarchy. Harry’s friends have probably thrown up their hands as to go, “We’ve tried, but he’s not going to listen. If he wants to throw away his life for someone who thinks only of herself, so be it. But we want nothing to do with him or her.”

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