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Bold And The Beautiful: *Groans* Ridge And Shauna Get Hitched… While He’s Still Legally Married To Brooke

Hitched; repeat

Ridge knows a thing or two about getting hitched. He’s been married enough times to know how it all works. Well, it looks like he’s gone and screwed up… big time and to top it off, he doesn’t remember how it happened!

Ridge Forrester is a prude asshole! He’s cheated on Brooke with Shauna and it was okay for him to do it because he’s Ridge freaking Forrester! However, when his beloved Logan kisses his arch nemesis Dollar Bill Spencer, he dumps her in front of the whole family. Then… he goes to Vegas and gets… hitched?

What makes it even more absurd is that he went on a drunken bender with Shauna. The last time we them, they were standing outside a wedding chapel, kissing. We wondered at the time whether they’d gotten hitched. Well, turns out they did.

Shauna, probably remembers what happened, while Ridge does not. This is going to be brutal on so many levels. However, there is one slight problem. He is still married to Brooke. We don’t know how much time has passed but it has been enough since Thomas’ exposure.

Also, we don’t know whether Ridge had enough time to file those divorce papers. When Bill accidentally hits Steffy with his car, he rings her father when she is admitted to the hospital, not knowing what to do. Brooke is with her presumed ex-husband when he gets the call from his adversary.

Quinn’s Likely To Gloat

We don’t doubt Quinn Forrester’s inability to keep her mouth shut. When she hears that Shauna and Ridge got hitched, she is going to gloat that she ‘did the right thing’ in exposing Brooke and Bill’s ‘affair’.

Eric is going to be far from thrilled about this or the idea of his son marrying another woman while still technically being married to someone else whom he has been on and off with for a long time.

Quinn is probably going to say that Brooke is trash and that Shauna and Ridge are good together and all this crap. We doubt her husband who has rooted for Bridge for like ever will be too happy with her gloating.

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