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The Bold And The Beautiful: Wait… Did Ridge And Shauna Get Hitched In Vegas? Bill’s On The War Path And Flo Begins To See Through Sally’s Plot To Take Wyatt

Hitched; repeat

Okay, we really need to talk about Shauna and Ridge’s wild time in Las Vegas. Did they get hitched and we just don’t know it? Bill threatens Quinn and Flo is onto Sally.

The Bold and the Beautiful might be getting more stupid with its impossibly dense storylines of so-called betrayal, a deathbed plot to take back a guy, and a ploy to kick the real Forrester Matriarch to the curb. However, there is a heap we need to discuss. One of those many things we’re going to talk about is whether Ridge and Shauna got secretly hitched during their wild night out.

We’re also going to cover Bill’s war path rant at Quinn and Flo narrowing in on Sally and her multitude of lies to win back Wyatt. Whoo! This is going to be one hell of a thrill ride.

Bill Takes A Stand Against Quinn

Just because they share a son together doesn’t mean that Bill and Quinn have to like each other. Now, the media mogul is on the war path and for a good reason. Not only did Shauna’s scandalous video destroy Bridge’s reunion, but made Batie’s relationship fall apart.

Sure, Quinn claims that her intention was only to destroy Brooke, but it also hurt Katie as a result. Bill has changed somewhat, but it’s clear that his feelings for Brooke may or may not have gone away entirely. Same applies for her. However, let’s just pray it’s a one time thing.

Bill mentions that Will is beginning to ask questions and tells Quinn that she didn’t once think about the impact it would have on the youngest Spencer. He’s right about that. Since he and Katie aren’t living together at the moment, the kid can sense something isn’t right.

Flo vs. Sally For Wyatt’s Heart

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Sally thinks she’s been duped one too many times. It was simply a fluke that Flo came back into Wyatt’s life. According to the designer, this is unacceptable and the middle Spencer brother was her’s first.

She also hates Flo’s guts and sees her as trash. Funny, though. This is how Quinn sees the redhead and is pleased her son is back with his childhood sweetheart. However, she might be right to some respects especially since the younger Spectra is stooping to new lows to win her man back.

However, in today’s episode, Flo and Wyatt tell Sally she needs to move out of the Beach House. While she appeared to take it stride, the look on her face when she hugged her ex and looked up at her rival is one that clearly says “you’re a bitch and I hate you.”

We can guarantee in this game of love tug-o-war that Sally is going to rant to Penny more about how Wyatt is the love of her life and how he’s blind to who Flo is and all this blah-da-blah. Also, the blonde calling her enemy out is calling the kettle black. She herself played a role in keeping her infant cousin Beth away from Hope and Liam. Yeah, she was pressured into it, but she came clean and ended up in prison. Spectra never ended up behind bars.

Finally, We Get To Sidge

We know this article was meant to be about Shauna and Ridge, but we had to get the other stuff out of the way before we could. Anyway, onto the whole reason this post exists. At the end of yesterday’s B&B episode, we see Ridge and Shauna in a crappy looking montage of their wild night in Vegas and the last shot is them outside the wedding chapel which begs the question if they got hitched.

Nothing was mentioned in today’s ep, if the pair in their drunken state did get hitched, this means Ridge is committing a crime. How? Well, he hasn’t filed those divorce papers and if he did marry Shauna while he was off his face, then he’s committing polygamy which is illegal in the United States.

Someone made an interesting comment when we were researching. It would be funny if Shauna goes looking through her purse and pulls out a marriage certificate before remembering she and Ridge got hitched while they were drunk. This would make Quinn so happy, though it might pose an issue given he is still married to Brooke.

We believe Shauna when she said she wanted Ridge back with Brooke despite being in love with him. She doesn’t want to be the one to wreck a marriage that has been on and off for almost thirty years.

She also doesn’t want to be seen as a homewrecker by the public. Shauna is already seen as one by Brooke for coming onto her husband. It’s obvious she’s trying to fight her feelings for the fashion designer, but is ultimately failing. It certainly wouldn’t surprise us if the pair got married and then forgot about it.

Could Flo Or Steffy Step In If Their Parents Got Married?

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Let’s say for the sake of argument that Ridge and Shauna did get married. How would their daughters react to that? Well, if we look at it logically, probably not well. We know Thomas would be all for it given his feelings towards Brooke. However, Steffy despises Shauna as she’s already voiced to her father for the role Shauna played in the baby swap. She hasn’t said her piece about Flo that much other than confronting her in prison and mentioning her relationship with Wyatt.

Flo, would be deadset against the match. While she wants to see her mother happy, she knows the type of man Ridge is. Yes, he’d love Shauna, but he wouldn’t be able to fully commit to her given his history with her aunt.

If Ridge were to file those already signed divorce papers and then fully move on with Shauna, then either Steffy or Flo would need to step in to stop them. The reason would be obvious to the audience or rather, those who won’t want Sidge to be a thing.

Steffy doesn’t like the Fultons. Flo knows Ridge belongs with Brooke despite it breaking her mother’s heart. If the dressmaker and Shauna get hitched, it would mean that Quinn gets her wish, but doesn’t mean that Brooke will stay away for long.

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