Can The Woke Crowd Please STOP Trying To Cancel History?

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History cannot be changed so can the woke crowd stop trying to change it?

There is no such thing as a utopia. This might not go down too well with the woke crowd but it is the truth. The world is flooded with rainbows and unicorns and we certainly do not live in harmony. Also, nothing in history is ever going to be perfect. So, why are people trying to erase parts of the past? According to the Daily Mail Australia, there is a call to ban Enid Blyton’s works because they’re apparently xenophobic and racist. Umm… okay.

While we do not condone the racist tones of some of Enid Blyton’s works, people have to remember that what she wrote about at the time was part of the culture. If she were alive today, yeah, she would be marginally criticised and would probably be shunned from the publishing community. Her writings have been controversial over the years which is fine as not everyone’s work can be perfect everything.

Blyton’s works were legendary and many of them still are. Look at Noddy as a prime example. While he is a well-known character in children’s literature as he was around during the 90s and 00s, some parts have been deemed controversial, which to a child of five to ten years old, would not understand. We found a transcript from an ABC report from 1999 that claims Noddy was a closeted gay man who had ‘on-screen trysts’.

When we found this transcript, it was unbelievable that a children’s character could be called such things. Especially in the late 90s.

Then, there was the story we were told about how Big Ears was controversial because his name is an ‘insult’.

Historical Statues And How The World Is Evolving

Enid Blyton’s works are not the only pieces of history that the woke crowd want to eradicate. There are even historical statues that people want to be torn down because of the true nature of the subjects. During the protests that broke out in the wake of the murder of African-American man, George Floyd in May 2020, a number of monuments across America were vandalised, torn down altogether, or destroyed in the mayhem. There is simply too many to list.

Yes, what these people or the events that these monuments represent is horrible, but it doesn’t change the past. That’s like saying that all erotic books of today be banned like the ones of the 50s. Plus, what does tearing down a statue that has stood for hundreds of years actually achieve? It doesn’t teach anything except not to teach the next generation to be bigots. The previous few generations were raised in a time where it was considered normal to spew hateful comments at people who are not of the same culture, religion, sexual orientation, race, skin tone, and even gender.

The world is very a different place from what it was in say, the 30s, 40s, and 50s. It is evolving and we’re learning from the mistakes of the past. Look at how far women’s rights have come in most countries. One example is, in Australia where once upon a time, a woman had to hand everything over to her husband once she married. Now, we don’t have that issue as women and men are seen as equals when it comes to a lot of things like voting rights and who had guardianship over children as per the National Museum of Australia.

Addressing the Woke Crowd

This message is the woke crowd. You will not win. The world is entitled to its opinions but tearing down monuments and is not the answer. Yes, the past hurts but what is this [the ripping down of statues] actually going to achieve? We’re all for learning to avoid the mistakes of the past, but these statues and works of controversial writers should be teaching us what NOT to do in the future. If something is torn down just to please that one side of society that believes in political correctness should be exercised at the highest level, then we have a huge problem.

By attempting to destroy any form of history is only going to upset the other sides of the equation. Look at the woke exploits of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex as an example. They’re trying to silence people for criticising them. They’ve also ‘called out’ Britain and the royal family as a whole for ‘racism’, but fall short of thinking about the same issue in America.

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