Here We Go Again! Panic Buying Resurfaces

panic buying

Panic buying is on the rise once upon after a spike in Coronavirus cases in Victoria…

Here we go… again. *cue the dramatic sigh* Panic buying has started back up in Victoria as a spike of Coronavirus cases emerges for the first time in weeks. To make the matters worse, other states have started to reinstate restrictions on items such as toilet paper (welcome back #toiletpapergate), paper towel and hand sanitiser.

Just this morning we saw a sign at Aldi saying that customers could only purchase two packets of toilet paper. Though, we have to admit the panic buying isn’t as bad as it was back in March where the household essential was being sold out and resold online for close to $500.

Woolworths aren’t being as strict with their products as Coles is. Woolies has returned their limit to two packets while its rival is allowing its customers to only but one. The last thing the country needs is for there to be repeat of earlier in the year.

While we applaud the bigwigs of the big supermarket chains for standing their ground, we do not approve of people abusing staff and telling them to ‘mind their own *bleep* business’ when instructed that panic buying is not necessary.

We also love that people are willing to call others out for their bad behaviour. These are the types of individuals who helped out during terrible bushfire season we had. What makes this situation so annoying is the idea that when something like this happens, there are those who think it is their right to bulk buy.

There was better behaviour during the bushfires where people were going above and beyond for others. Then, there’s idiots who tried to make the situation about them and no one else. Yes, the pandemic is scary, but please panic buying is not the way to go.

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