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Home And Away THEORY: Is Heath Returning To Help The Paratas With Their Armed Robbery?


We’ve known for a while that Heath Braxton is returning to Summer Bay. The 2020 Season finale revealed in its 2021 promo that his comeback is slated for the new year, but why is he back?

Of all the River boys, Heath Braxton has come back the most. Actually, scratch that. He’s the only one to return after his initial departure. Younger brother Casey is dead. Older brother Darryl “Brax” is on the run with partner Ricky and their little boy and half-brother Kyle is in prison.

Heath is also the father of multiple kids; he’s got daughter Darcy with the late Tegan Callaghan, son Harley from a one night stand with Jess Lockwood late son Rocco with wife Bianca. Anyway, we need to ask ourselves, why he’s suddenly back in the Bay and what is his association with Dean, Ari, and Tane?

Before we jump into the theory, we’re going to do a breakdown of how Dean and Heath may know each other. We’ll also tackle how Bianca may fit in too for anyone who is new to the show.

Dean, Heath, And Mangrove River

We know Dean is a River Boy and that he grew up in Mangrove River, but did he know the Braxtons to any degree? It’s also apparent that they familiarity with crime.

Mangrove River is basically the gang version of Summer Bay where everyone knows, well everyone. It’s possible that Dean and Heath would’ve crossed paths at one point. Also, the reason Thompson came to the Bay in the first place was to help Martin “Ash” Ashford avenge the death of Kat Chapman who had died in a car crash alongside their unborn son by going after Robbo.

By this time, Heath had left, but Ash was familiar with the Braxtons. He’d been prison buddies with Brax. Dean had probably heard of him through Ashford which is why he is called in.

The Parata Drama

Tane has pulled brother Ari into a dodgy deal time and time again. However, they have to do to an armed robbery.

Ari and Tane have been trying to keep their nephew, Nikau out of it. Even Mackenzie gets dragged in. She sold her expensive car to pay off Tane’s debt.

Moreover, Ari went to the same prison as Dean which is how they crossed paths. Given the connection Thompson has with the Paratas and Braxtons, it’s possible that he [Dean] is called upon to gather the River Boys and asks Heath to be backup.

How Is Bianca Going To Feel About The Crime?

Now, longtime fans will know that Heath changed a great deal during his time in the Bay. The reason for this is thanks to Bianca Scott, the woman he calls his wife. Though, their relationship hasn’t always been smooth sailing. He hooked up with her sister, April at one point and she was not happy.

Heath and Bianca had a son together, Rocco who died of SIDS which caused friction between them when Braxton gave his newborn son with Jess Lockwood a toy that had once belonged to their lost little boy.

Bianca became a maternal figure to Heath’s daughter, Darcy. However, she struggled to adapt with Harley.

As as we know, Heath is only returning for a small time and likely a couple of episodes at most. Whether we know what Bianca’s reaction will be, it’s anyone’s guess. Will they still be together? Will his family even referenced? We will just have to wait and find out.

If they do include a reference to her, it might just be passing as she didn’t know what he was up to or she knows not happy about it.

Finally, Onto The Theory…

So, a while ago we thought that Heath would be involved in a potential prison break that sees Colby die. This is unlikely to be the case now given how the cop was ambushed. That begs the question, where to from here?

Let’s think for a minute what Dean’s reaction is going to be when he learns of his best mate’s death. Willow is gone and he hates her for her part in putting Colby six feet under. He may need a release from his grief. Perhaps, the Paratas ask him if he knows anyone who can help them.

Wanting to help, Dean makes a few calls to his River Boy mates and somehow, Heath is amongst them. They meet up with him and he introduces them to the Paratas who explain what’s going on with the thugs, Paul and Leon.

Given what Back to the Bay reported a while ago, Heath is front and probably not centre during a scene involving Dean and the Paratas. From what was reported at the time, he gets involved in an altercation and is actually seen getting into a scuffle with one of the goons.

We’re pretty sure it’s safe to assume that whatever is happening with Colby, Dean is going to need something to distract him. Where that puts Bella is anyone’s guess.

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