Heartless Of Harry And Meghan! Prince Charles Has Allegedly Only Seen Archie Twice Since His Birth

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Talk about heartless! It has been reported that Prince Charles has only seen Archie twice since his birth…

Can Harry and Meghan any more heartless? They’ve deprived Prince Charles of seeing his youngest grandchild, Archie since his birth two years ago. The Prince of Wales has only seen him twice. In fact, the entire royal family hasn’t seen the boy much, reports both Brittany from the Royal News Network and Rebecca English from the Daily Mail. It also alleged that the boy’s three cousins, Princes George and Louis, and their sister, Princess Charlotte have only seen their little cousin once.

The royal family was the bigger people this week when they posted birthday greetings for the two-year-old to social media. However, given that no one has seen Archie since he was in the UK over a year ago, they had to use old photos. The Sussex squad went nuts crying that there no new pictures. Umm… how can they post new ones when they don’t have any? This is like when they complained that photos taken by Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge of The Queen, Prince Philip, and their then-seven great-grandchildren didn’t include Archie. One of them was taken in 2018 either before or after Harry and Meghan’s wedding.

Archie wasn’t born until May 2019. So, how can he be in a photo when he didn’t exist yet? Harry has treated his family appalling. He, however, wouldn’t have done it willingly. We have zero doubts that Meghan whispered in his ear saying that his father and brother were holding him back and that they’d be endangering their son if they were anywhere near him.


According to Rebecca English, the Sussexes left Frogmore Cottage a few times in the weeks and months after Archie’s birth in 2019. She also says that when the royal family went to post their birthday messages, they were in a situation because they had no up-to-date photos of him to show. This would’ve been awkward for anyone who hasn’t seen their now toddler relative in more than a year.

What’s sad is that Archie has only interacted with his maternal grandmother, Doria while he will likely never know any of his extended family. It’s no secret that his cousins would love to have him around playing with them. Also, his uncle and aunt would adore him. We’ve spoken about his maternal grandfather, Thomas Markle has allegedly demanded to see him. Who knows what lies his parents have told him. It’s no secret that Meghan wouldn’t want her child near his ‘toxic’ and ‘racist’ relatives. She’s paranoid they would corrupt him against her.

No one can work out is why Harry and Meghan are hellbent on keeping their son from the world. He’s never going to be king. The other great-grandchildren of the Queen have faired just fine. No one has seen him and therefore knows zero about him. So, it’s not likely he would be targeted in a kidnapping. There are other members of his extended family that would be of more value. His parents are systematically paranoid and also very heartless.

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