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Home And Away: John Finally Wakes Up To Susie’s Scam And We Know What Happens With Mac’s Baby


Two characters have entered the heartbreak zone on Summer Bay!

Heartbreak has come for two Summer Bay residents while it is coming for another. John Palmer and Mackenzie Booth are going to need all the support of their friends can give them. While both are dealing with two totally different situations, one thing is for sure, everyone else is will be there for them. It’s going to be difficult pill to swallow for both of them as the weeks go on.

Who would’ve thought that a con woman and a love triangle were good on Australian television? We sure didn’t. It’s just a shame that all these characters have to suffer at once.

No One Named Susie

John’s new girlfriend Susie has just been revealed to be a con artist who has conned Justin and Leah out of $90k of their life’s savings and thousands more from businesses in the Bay. She also knocked Irene out with Chloroform after she confronted her at the Palmer house. The heartbreak on his face was enough to break your heart into a million pieces. Sure, the guy can be a dick at times but he’s not that bad once he grows on you.

Earlier in the week, Irene’s suspicions reach fever pitch after she narrowly avoids Susie slipping a drug into a glass wine intended for her. The con woman is unaware that the diner co-owner is a recovering alcoholic. One of her housemates, Willow does some digging into the real estate agent and discovers that there is no one on the real estate agent listing in Western Australia with the name Susie McAllister. However, she does find a photo of ‘Susie’ but with a totally different name.

Irene rushes to tell Leah and Justin who at both a bit perplexed at first but knows she would never lie to them. They try to get in contact with ‘Susie’ but she keeps dodging their calls and texts. They confront her and she passes off the fact that the house the couple had allegedly bought wasn’t sold to them as a clinical error that she says she’ll fix.

Once John is out of the house, she grabs the money, her clothing, everything and legs it out of town. She places her phone on the ground and rolls over it with her, destroying it.

John calls someone, probably Marilyn (we weren’t listening) and says he messed up. Yeah, he did!

Mac’s Baby Drama

Going over to Mac and her heartbreak will com when she likely miscarries her and Ari’s baby. Since she shared the news with housemate Ziggy, brother Dean, and his baby mama Amber, she has been tossing up whether or not to keep the child let alone whether she should tell her former boyfriend.

It’s not until Ari’s brother, Tane tells her and Ziggy that Ari and on-off partner Mia had a son together who died at 10 days old, does Mac realise she needs to tell him the truth.

However, he had been hit by a car and placed in a coma to help him recover and it becomes apparent to her that he needs to know but the constant presence of Mia does Mac have the constant need to chicken out. Well, in episodes coming up according to a new promo, she might not have to worry about telling Ari anything as she is seen in the footage collapsing to the floor of Ziggy’s kitchen in agony.

Be sure to grab your tissues, folks because it’s going to be deep. We hate it when heartbreak is involved but it’s television that requires drama. Cannot help that.

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