When it comes to health, it’s important to know what’s healthy for your body and what isn’t. At Project: Fangirl, we believe being your best self, requires knowing what health means to you.

Health is more than just eating and drinking right. It’s knowing what bodily functions are right and what isn’t. For example, if you have a bowel issue, it’s important to see a doctor if you find blood in your urine. Please know we’re not doctors so please do not take the information on this page as medical advice. If you feel something isn’t right, go straight to your doctor or a hospital.

This section of the blog will discuss everything the simplest cold to vaccinations. We may even throw in skincare tips if it’s healthcare related.

Please only use this section as a guide and nothing more. We do not want to be responsible for anyone losing their lives or endangering themselves or the lives of others.

If you need help please contact your country’s emergency services for dire emergencies.

mental health

Why Didn’t Prince Harry Get His Wife Help For Her Mental Health When He Knew How To?

What kind of husband doesn’t get his wife mental health help when she says she’s suicidal?

mental health; manipulative

Chronicles Of Harkle: So… Prince Harry Can Get A Job With A Mental Health Organisation But He Cannot Get His Suicidal Wife Help?

How can it be that Prince Harry could get help for his mental health issues but not know how to help his wife?

rape culture

We Need To Discuss Australia’s Disturbing Rape Culture In Huge Industries

The sexual assault of women and men is not right and powerful figures that claim it was either consensual or denying it all together is all part of rape culture. In Australia, the problem is only getting worse…

Julia Samuels

Prince Harry Said He Didn’t Know How To Get Help For His Mental Health, But He Speaks To Princess Diana’s Friend Julia Samuels Who Is A Psychotherapist All The Time

Looks like Prince Harry knew exactly where to get help for his and Meghan’s mental health; his late mother’s friend, Julia Samuels…


Babes Against Bullshit: What The Actual Hell?! – Pete Evans Backtracks On His COVID-19 Thoughts And He’s Lost More Brain Cells

Pete Evans is back in the news and no, he hasn’t cut his beliefs about COVID-19. He’s become even more delusional.


The Weird Mind Of “Paleo” Pete Evans

What’s the first thing you think of when you hear the name Pete Evans? Is it that he is a judge on My Kitchen Rules? Is it his endorsement of the Paleo diet? If you said yes to both those, then you’re not far off. However, the famed chef has the mind the size of a walnut and doesn’t trust the health system.