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Babes Against Bullshit: Another Day, More Sussex Drama – This Time It’s Prince Harry In The Headlines


Another day, another Sussex story. Talk about headline grabbing. This time, it’s not Meghan Markle in the news. It’s her gullible prince of a husband, Harry. Now, before I jump into this story, the source is The Daily Mail which is a tabloid newspaper. I wouldn’t normally cover something like this from TDM but the article was tweeted out by Robert Jobson, a royal commentator. You can see the Tweet here:

[Credit: @theroyaleditor – Twitter]

It was too good pass up. Now, Harry and Meghan have become well known for their headline antics. Despite saying they want to live a ‘private’ life, they’re in the media virtually everyday. They’ve been talking about issues that are of zero concern to them and it has come up again. I also wanted to point out that I did a BaBS post yesterday about how the Sussex stans don’t want to see that MM is a liar.

Harry has turned into another yet another one of Meghan’s mouthpieces outside of Jessica Mulroney and superfan Omid Scobie. Now, the TDM piece alleges that the prince – who should be stripped on his Dukedom – says social media is to blame for the destruction of the Amazon Rainforest and the Capitol Hill riots. All this was allegedly said in an interview with Fast Company.

Harry has screamed since he got serious with Meghan that they wanted privacy. If this was the case, he wouldn’t have spoken to any media outlets. They don’t want the peace and quiet of civilian life. It has become instinct that they speak ‘the truth’. In reality, isn’t. The reason social media played a part in the Capitol riots is because the former President refused to accept the election result. As Ivana Trump, Donald’s ex-wife has said, he’s a sore loser.

Harry Has Never Truly Been On Social Media

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What would the headline grabbing Prince Harry know about social media? Absolutely nothing. He has never truly been on it. Yes, I did hear that he allegedly had a secret instagram account and apparently a Facebook too. Whatever the case, he has zero understanding that these platforms are not some form of evil like his precious Meghan has sprouting. We’ll get to her in a moment, don’t worry.

Yes, social media can be the scourge of people’s existence, but it can also be used for good. This was the whole reason these platforms were created. When their developers developed them, they weren’t designed to be places where people bully others.

Going over to Meghan, she was an avid social media user in her pre-Harry/royal family days. She loved it. Now, she’s calling it an addiction? Spare me, please. She and Harry have backpedalled and then the former actress has the nerve to say “What I said wasn’t controversial.” *insert eye roll here*

First off, yes it is according to an article by the BBC… and by the public. Harry, however, just follows along with whatever his wife tells him. It’s like he’s her puppy.

If she says, “Harry, we need to say we hate social media because it’s for addicts”, he’ll do it. It’s like he has no free will. Everything about this situation is warped.

Harry saying that social media was also behind the destruction of the Amazon is just… I don’t know what to say to that. How can a social media platform be responsible for something like this. It’s not a living breathing person.

The prince is also accusing social media for dividing and confusing people. Ah… sorry, to break it to you, but you know nothing. You only see the bad side and never the good.

Will Harry And Meghan Return To Social Media?

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[Credit: People Magazine]

In TDM article, Harry claims he and Meghan would ‘return’ to social media when the time was right. How can he say that when it was his wife using it to push their agenda? They can deny it all they want but anyone with half a brain can see the prince had nothing to do with their social media campaigns.

Also, Meghan lied when she said that she hadn’t been on social media in years. I pointed out in a post awhile ago that she hasn’t had her own personal accounts since she shut them down in 2018. However, she has been using Instagram under the Sussex Royal handle. This was put in archive after she and Harry were forced to give it up when they quit being senior royals in March 2020.

Now, before you all begin yelling at me saying, but Sussex Royal was a royal account, there’s where you’re wrong. If you look through some of the posts, there is American spelling. The use of ‘z’ and American versions of words like ‘diapers’ instead of ‘nappies’. If a royal PR team was dealing with the account, they would not have made these types of mistakes.

Since they quit Sussex Royal and the royal family, Meghan and Harry have posted things on the social media accounts of charities they support. Even if they’re not using it directly, they’re still using it.

Then came the announcement that was pointless: Harry and Meghan were quitting social media. Ah, they weren’t even on it to begin with. They were using other people’s accounts to get their message across. That just made me shake my head.

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