Okay, We Really Need To Talk About Piers Morgan And His Hatred For Duchess Meghan

It’s no secret that Meghan Markle changed the way people view the British Monarchy, and while the Duchess has her critics, none have a firm hatred for her quite like Piers Morgan.

Okay, we all know the impacts Meghan Markle has had on the British monarchy. While some have been positive, others have been negative. Since her wedding, the now Duchess of Sussex has become a tabloid target and everyone is quick to call her out on everything she does. We’re not fans of hers and nor will we ever be, but it’s not right that hatred is still a factor.

Yep, we’re talking about Piers Morgan and his deep hatred for the duchess.

The man just doesn’t know when to keep his massive trap shut! We’ve spoken before about his white male privilege. Before you ask, yes, we did get hounded on Twitter about how Prince Harry also has the same rights as Piers Morgan, but when people attack his wife, he will fight back. More on that later, ladies and gentlemen.

Piers Morgan hates Meghan all because she ghosted him. They were friends and then, when she started dating Harry, she discarded the journalist, leaving him scorned. As we’ve said, we don’t like the duchess but we don’t hate her either.

However, his harsh words against her can be seen as hatred so intense that he won’t listen to reason. Here’s a few of our thoughts towards him.

Hatred Is No Excuse To Ridicule

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Being ghosted is one thing, but being offended by it and holding a grudge is something else entirely. While Piers might say he’s not offended by Meghan’s snub, it’s so clear that he is. He considers himself to be an important person. Truth of the matter is, he’s no one special. We’re not going to bother researching his personal endeavours.

Quite honestly, we don’t give a damn. It’s fine to have an opinion about someone, but blasting them every chance you get on national television when the Queen herself might be watching is just top level moronic.

Meghan rose to instant stardom when she and Harry got engaged. You don’t see her throwing her own thirst for hatred around. Yes, she leaves people in the dust and uses them to further propel herself into a higher position but she doesn’t go as low as Morgan does.

Meghan DID NOT Abandon Her Family!

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Piers Morgan has called Meghan out for ‘abandoning’ her father in his time of need. He also agrees with everything the duchess’ filth of a half-sister has said. Truth of the matter is, Thomas is at fault for everything he has done. His youngest and clearly favourite daughter told him not to talk to the media but he follows Samantha’s lead and does so anyway.

There is no wonder why Meghan hasn’t had anything to do with her side of the family other than her mother since her engagement. She doesn’t want that type of toxicity in her life which is fair enough. Though, we need to think about how she’s always smiling at the camera every time she’s out in public.

You need to think about how long she’s been in the spotlight as an actress. She’s attended multiple events in Hollywood even if she never achieved A lister status. While we are not defending the woman, we want to point out that all her father who is bankrupt and her fame-hungry sister want is attention and money.

Each interview they do is paid and it Thomas’ own fault that he lost his money. He also thinks his daughter owes him her luxurious life. She doesn’t. The duchess has had to work for everything and being parent means you shouldn’t be expected to be paid back.

Samantha is simply bitter that their dad favourited Meghan over her. Also, she is a failed actress and thinks she should have been the one to be famous and not her baby sister.

Piers Morgan Shouldn’t Be Respected

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Every journalist has a right to express their opinions, but not in the public eye. All Piers Morgan does is criticise anyone or anything that doesn’t match up with his own ideals. In saying that, he shouldn’t be someone to be respected. He might’ve worked his way to the top of the food chain, but he doesn’t appear to realise that the world does not revolve around him. Meghan’s snubbing of him has nothing to do with him as a person. It obviously had to do with the people she wanted to associate herself with and the bitter television host simply wasn’t one of them.

He has an ego the size of Jupiter and thinks that everyone has to like him. Guess what, Piers? Not everyone who is anyone needs to contact you. The Duchess of Sussex is one of many people who have abandoned you over the years. You need to build and bridge and get over it.

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