Harry And Meghan’s Engagement Announcement Photos Provided A Hint That They Were Going To Use Diana’s Memory To Their Advantage – And We Missed It!


We cannot believe we missed this! Harry and Meghan planned to use Diana’s legacy to their advantage by using her favourite place at Kensington Palace, the Sunken Garden as where they announced their announcement…

Well, that was awkward! We cannot believe we missed this detail when Harry and Meghan announced their engagement in November 2017. While we were looking for information for our previous post on The Duke of Sussex’s alleged demanding that his wife be involved in the unveiling of his mother’s statue, we discovered something that was surprising. When the now Sussexes did their press conference to introduce their intentions to marry, they did it in the Sunken Gardens which just so happens to have been Princess Diana’s favourite place at Kensington Palace.

When Harry and older brother, William announced they were going to place a statue within the Sunken Gardens to commemorate what would’ve been their mother’s 60th birthday, it would’ve been a way for their families to remember the remarkable woman Diana was. However, a lot has changed in the time since the announcement was made to now.

Harry is always using his mother’s death as a way to escape punishment for his horrible man-child behaviour. It appears the usage of the Sunken Garden for the engagement announcement was just the beginning. Why we didn’t pick up on this just horrifies us. The reason for it is simple; we didn’t piece it together until we found a photo of the place where the statue will sit.

Here’s a photo of the garden and one of the ‘happy couple’ in same location.

Coincidental Or Purposeful?

Now, could this Sunken Garden thought be coincidental? Yes, definitely. Now, at the time, it’s likely the location was chosen as a nod to the late Princess of Wales like two of the stones in Meghan’s engagement ring was. However, the more Diana references they’ve thrown in over the years, the more it appears it was part of their purposeful narrative of “Pity us! We’re rich victims!”

We doubt Diana would’ve approved of her son and his wife using her favourite place as their hidden message that they were going to use her death as part of their ‘brand’. Harry has always said that he fears his wife will suffer the same fate as his mother. However, we’ve seen over the years that Meghan wants to be Diana 2.0. We know she obsessed with the mother-in-law she never knew. We have covered this multiple times so we’re not going to cover it again.

Now, we want to say that we’re just theorising here. This might not even be fact.

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