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Chronicles Of Harkle: What Is So Special About The Sussexes Which Enables Them To Want Extra Security?

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Okay, this has been bugging me for a while. Why do Harry and Meghan have so much security? It’s not like they’re the Queen and Prince Philip or even President Biden (which sounds so good to say!). Soooo….. what makes them so special? My view on this is that the Sussexes are self-centred and entitled brats who believe people are going to fall for their little stunts. For those who don’t (i.e. me and many others), we’re just ‘racist’.

First off, I want to point out that Harry is the sixth in line for the throne. At the time of his birth, he was third. Since the births of his nephews and niece, Princes George and Louis and Princess Charlotte, this has pushed the wayward royal further down the pecking order. Little Archie is seventh. Now, security details are vital for every member of the royal family.

Secondly, you don’t see The Queen, Prince Charles and Prince William walking around in public with a dozen security officers. These three are the present and future of the monarchy whereas Harry and Archie aren’t that important. They’re never going to be kings. Though, I have to admit that in Meghan’s mind, she will be Queen Consort someday while her husband is king. Umm… yeah, I don’t think so, Megsy.

What Do Meghan And Harry Have To Hide?

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Harry has changed so much since Meghan entered the scene. He was once this happy-go-lucky larrikin who use to fool around for the camera. Now, he’s the polar opposite. He’s grouchy and screaming, “Give my wife and I privacy or we’re going to sue the media.” Okay, he’s not saying exactly that, but it’s pretty close.

So, this begs the question. What do Meghan and Harry have to hide that they feel they need a load of security? I’ve been scratching my head at this because when they moved to Canada and then the US, taxpayers were not happy that they had to foot the bill.

Also, they were living in Tyler Perry’s mansion for months in which they had privacy screens put up because people could see into the property via a walking trail that was close by. Umm… the actual owner (Tyler Perry) doesn’t seem to have this issue whenever he lived there. They would have had to get permission to install them because it’s not their house.

Why do they need so much security when they’re not even royals anymore? Let alone, important. They gave that life up because they wanted ‘privacy’. This was a lie and it would’ve blindsided the Queen and Prince Charles. This makes me question whether the reason they’re acting this way is because it has something to do with either ‘gossip’ Meghan has on the family or it has something to do with Archie.

Now, I personally don’t believe Archie is fake or that crap about the moon bump. Sure, there was those photos where Meghan’s pregnant belly changed but it could have something to do with the outfits she was wearing. People said a similar thing about Beyoncé when her belly ‘deflated’. However, it was the dress she had on.

Security To Protect Meghan’s ‘Big Fat Secret’?

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To continue on from the last section, we have to ask why do Meghan and Harry demand so much security when they’re no longer royals and not really that important. Could it have to do with a secret the former actress is keeping? Now, this is just a theory and an out there guess.

Could Meghan have found something out about the royal family that they don’t want getting out? She has been allegedly caught taking photos and taking notes in the past. If this is the case, it might explain why she and Harry have wanted so much security. He wants to protect her from people who might want do something terrible to her.

Perhaps, it’s the other way around and the royal family has discovered something about her and Harry doesn’t want his beloved wife to be a target so he’s upped their security detail. Stranger things have happened…. like the weird date the Christening photo was taken for example. More on that in a later post.

We’ve known for a while that dear Megsy keeps a journal of all the happenings that go down in her everyday *perfect* life. While there is nothing wrong with this, could it be possible and call it a hunch, that her diary contains secrets about the royals that could be damaging. If the rumours are true and Meghan is going to write a book with her own name splashed across the front then she’ll probably use her journals as her starting point.

Though, something tells me that even these diaries/journals will be full of lies that people are going to be debunk. I’ll all for that. If Meghan wants money from a book she has written herself – Finding Freedom which she practically ghost-wrote, she’s going to get what she wants but her actions via these writings will backfire on her in a big way.

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