Finding Freedom: Prince Harry And Meghan Did Not Contribute To New Biography And Felt The Cambridges Got The Best Engagements

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The hits just keep coming. The first excerpts from the new Harry and Meghan biography Finding Freedom have revealed that there was a lot of animosity between the Wales brothers. However, there is one thing we found surprising; the Duke and Duchess of Sussex did NOT contribute to the book.

Okay, we’re confused. It is now being said that Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan did NOT contribute to the writing of the Finding Freedom biography that is coming in August. They probably knew about the book, but chose to distance themselves from it as they thought the authors, Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand would do a good job at telling ‘their side of the story’.

From the excerpts that have been released, it is revealed that Harry and Meghan were in fact jealous of William and Catherine getting the better engagements. While this certainly doesn’t surprise us, they believed that they weren’t being taken seriously enough.

Please! They were being demanding and throwing fits when no one listened to them. If Royal correspondent Katie Nicholl’s recent Vanity Fair article is anything to go off, the Sussexes were ‘put under an umbrella’, which means when they set up offices in Kensington Palace which they saw as a disappointment. The reason? Because they saw themselves as equally as important as William and Catherine.

Anyway, let’s dive onto the Sussexes’ jealousy of the Cambridges.

Meghan Doesn’t Like Playing Second Fiddle

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What do you get when you’re married to the heir to the throne’s second-born son? Less opportunity than Prince William and Catherine do, that’s for sure. Well, little miss I want everything… ah! Meghan, sorry. Wanted everything done her way and she was not going to contribute to the royal protocols she was expected to follow.

She and Harry had so many members of staff quit that it was almost impossible to keep track of how many nannies they’d lost before Archie was even six months old. What does that tell you? If a staff member couldn’t comply to Meghan’s rules, they were likely fired or quit on their own accord. Again, this is NOT Hollywood.

Meghan should’ve married William if she wanted to be high up in the pecking order. In Katie’s article, it is established that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex felt that the palace prioritised the Cambridges over them which was one of the many reasons they stepped away from royal duties.

Seriously though. What did Meghan expect when she found out Harry wasn’t going to be king? Sure, she apparently loves him, but did she actually want the pressures of being a Queen/Princess consort? Honestly, she wouldn’t have been able to cope. Catherine has been amazing and will be a terrific support to her husband when he ascends the throne.

Limited Understandings

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Since Harry will never be king, he and Meghan seem to have a limited understanding as to why they had to take a ‘backseat’ when it came to prioritising their duties. They were popular, but so are William and Catherine. However, this means little when only one of Prince Charles’ sons will end up as monarch. Also, the Duchess of Sussex has allegedly described her treatment in the media as ‘death by a thousand cuts’.

Also, the couple failed to understand why Prince Charles and William’s projects were more of a priority than theirs were. Ahh… they’re the heirs to the throne. They matter more than the sixth-in-line and those underneath.

Both Charles and William will be king someday so people will value their opinions more. Yes, the other members of the family’s opinions matter too, but the heirs will be the ones making the decisions.

Harry and Meghan will not contribute too much to those decisions and now that they’re out as senior royals, their opinions don’t matter. While Charles will likely listen to their ideas, it will be William’s ideas that get preference.

Hounded By The Press

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We understand that Harry hates the press and the media. They’re a menace when they cannot take a hint and leave people alone. However, Harry and Meghan are at fault for bringing the paparazzi to their front door. While all the Markle stans will go, ‘she doesn’t deserve this!’, let us speak first.

The paparazzi were the ones who hounded Diana the night she died in that Parisian tunnel. We understand that Harry suffered tremendous grief over his mother’s death. However, the way he and his wife are saying, ‘Oh, we didn’t ask for the bad press, we’re going to sue everyone who prints something terrible about us’ is just ridiculous.

Harry should’ve known there is basically zero that can be done to stop a publication from printing something bad. As the old royal saying goes, “Never explain, never complain.” They should have just tolerated it. However, Meghan was in the right to sue the newspaper that published her letter to her dad, though it was likely to have been quashed. Same applies with the photos of Archie.

Though, Harry and Meghan are going about it in the wrong way. You can’t go around suing every publication that says something bad. That’s a waste of money. If you’re having trouble with your mental health, go to a therapist. You have enough money to do that. So what if the royal PR department or whatever says don’t do it?

They’re looking out for the best interests of everyone, but at the end of the day, a person’s mental health is much more important. Back in the day of the Queen’s early reign, no royal would’ve spoken up about such a private matter the way Harry and William have.

Brought On Themselves

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Back to what we were saying about Harry and Meghan bringing on the media mistreatment themselves. Trying to right a publication’s wrong is like adding gasoline to a fire you’re trying to contain. Them trying to ‘defend’ themselves is only going to create more of an issue.

Were they being paranoid in thinking family members, friends, and courtiers were leaking stories to the press? Yes. What proof do they have? You can’t just make an accusation like that without actual evidence. It’s simple detective work/journalism 101.

Meghan even said herself in the African documentary that her British friends warned her the UK press would tear her apart if she continued dating Harry. At the time, she naively said, “I’m American, the paparazzi isn’t that bad. I’ll be fine”, or something along those lines. What makes this an even bigger headache is the idea that she and Harry basically didn’t come up with a game plan of how to conquer the media without creating a bigger problem.

There needs to be a line drawn in what members of the royal family, no matter whether they are financially independent or not, handle the press. No one, no matter who they are, should be facing the struggles many royal newcomers face. Look at the husbands of Princess Beatrice and Eugenie for example. They haven’t gotten the same treatment Meghan has as their wives are not working royals.

For Meghan and Harry, they’re making every story sound worse than it probably is. Just IGNORE the article. Yes, things written can hurt, but if you add weight to what is written, people are going to perceive it to be true.

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