Sussexes Strike Again!: Why Harry And Meghan Are Disgraces To The Royal Family


Disgrace. That is one way to describe the couple who think they’re the greatest in the world. Yep, we’re talking more about the Duke and Duchess of Woke.

What a disgrace Prince Harry and Meghan are. They started their ‘romance’ on comparing how similar they were. There’s no doubting they said they were kind people who would take the shirts off their own backs to help those in need. What they thought about themselves, could not have been further from the truth.

Even 99-year-old Prince Philip who gave up his naval career to serve as a royal spouse, according to an article by thinks his most recent granddaughter-in-law and grandson are a disgrace to the royal family. We’ve said a million times that the Sussexes need to keep a lid on it. Also, playing the racism card has gotten really old.

What makes the Sussexes such a disgrace is how they think they can do whatever they want, despite no longer being working royals. They have put out videos supporting politics when they’re not allowed to, even with the agreement they made with the Queen. Also, they are taking not-to-subtle swipes at the monarchy who were very good to them.

Ungrateful Swine

As cruel as it might sound to call these two interlopers ‘swine’, that’s what they are. The royals were incredibly accepting to Meghan when she ‘fell’ into their lives. They didn’t judge her because she was biracial. If anything, they took her at face value for Harry’s sake.

When the palace refused to bend to Meghan’s demands of having what she wanted, Harry stomped up and down screaming that his beloved was to get what she ‘deserved’. He wouldn’t accept anything else but the best.

This reeks of ungratefulness and here’s why. Like with her sister-in-law, Catherine, she was welcomed warmly and embraced as part of the inner circle. We know the family tried because Sophie, The Countess of Wessex (and Harry’s aunt) mentioned it in an article by Hello Magazine.

If that wasn’t enough, the Queen invited Meghan on a day trip not long after the wedding. Want proof that she is almost wasn’t a disgrace to the BRF? Here’s one of the photos:

[Credit: Insider]

At the time, we excused Meghan’s gaffe of getting in the car before Her Majesty given how new she was to the royal rules. However, now we see the situation what it could’ve been, a moment for the woman who thought she would become queen someday to show who she believed should really be in charge.

Also, when she was a royal fiancĂ©e, Meghan got invited to the annual Christmas get together in Sandringham. No other non-royal partner gets that invitation. So, who does the Markle think she is when she screams her in-laws hate her? She just wanted Harry to go running and calm her down because things weren’t going her way.

Profiting From Sussex Royal

When they were about to step down as senior royals, Harry and Meghan threw a hissy fit when they were told wouldn’t be able allowed to use ‘Sussex Royal’.

The reason?

Since they were no longer going to be working royals, they couldn’t use the word ‘royal’. The Sussexes wailed that the Queen could not stop them from using the term as she did not own it, according to InStyle.

Right. Her Majesty does not have the word copyrighted, but the term becomes redundant when they no longer work for the monarchy. Meghan was likely the one who screamed her lungs out. Why? Well, she knew how profitable the word ‘royal’ would be and that it could potential earn her and Harry millions. It’s all about how they can profit and be ‘financially independent’ without putting in any work.

The Queen was totally in the right to stop her grandson and his social climbing wife from becoming rich on the term ‘royal’.

Meghan Wanted Power And A Rich Man To Mooch Off

Okay, so Meghan is probably the biggest disgrace to ever enter the royal family from the outside. Andrew doesn’t count because he was born into the Firm. It should be noted that she is also notorious for hooking up with rich men. Her last boyfriend before she dated Harry was a chef. Also, she allegedly wanted a man who was ‘a catch’ and ‘British’. Harry fell for her ploy because he was desperate to find someone to share his life with. He was in his mid-30s and he was willing to take anyone who wasn’t going to turn down his proposal.

If reports are right, and we’re not saying they are, Harry proposed to both Chelsy Davy and Cressida Bonas but they allegedly turned him down because didn’t want the lifestyle of being trapped in the royal fishbowl. Whether he did get down on bended knee for both of them is unclear. It’s just a rumour that has been going on for awhile.

Going back to the disgrace that is Meghan, she wanted power. She thought that once she was engaged to Harry, everyone would worship her and allow her to be Queen of the the People. Sorry, Meggy, but you are not that to anyone. You mooch off your husband and his family so you can fuel your expensive tastes. Later, you discard your clothing once you’ve worn them. That is a waste!

Finding Freedom Shows People Who Meghan Really Is

Omid Scobie is a huge Meghan stan because he identifies as biracial too. He can only print ‘positive’ things about her. He got so wrapped up in singing her praises that he wanted to ‘set things right’ and co-wrote a biography about the Sussexes. Here’s where things get a bit odd.

The book appears disguised as a way of Meghan being the ghostwriter. Yes, we’re aware that the Duke and Duchess have said they didn’t participate, but articles written when the best-seller was announced say otherwise says Cosmopolitan. Also, published a list of 49 points that make it seem likely they were involved. Here’s just a few things they mentioned:

  • Meghan was the one posting to the SussexRoyal Instagram account – this is likely for the obvious reason that American grammar rules were often used. If it was run by their office, it would have included British grammar and spelling. There is also the case of the way the captions were written which all sounded suspiciously like the Duchess.
  • Personal information about Doria – how many people close to Harry and Meghan would have known private things about Doria, Meggy’s mother? Very few unless they were actually in the room or got the information second-hand.
  • Who said ‘I love you’ for the first time in their relationship – Now, we don’t know about you, a moment like someone telling their partner they love them is often private. You have have to be a fly on the wall to know who said it first.
  • Meghan’s feelings towards filming sex scenes for Suits – The book also details how Meghan felt about filming sex scenes while she was on Suits. Now, we don’t know what her feelings were because we haven’t read the biography. Who would know any of this if you weren’t there personally?

What Does This Information Tell Us?

The biography shows Meghan to be shallow, money hungry, an addict to fame (as documented by Lady Colin Campbell) and someone who wants to be seen as a positive influence when she’s nothing but a diva. We’re not trying to stir up trouble for anyone. That is not what this post is about.

There is so much information about the Sussexes out there that is often hard to decipher what is true and what is not. However, it’s not hard to find who someone truly is through the multiple printings from different sources.

Also, who would you believe? A woman who has been around the royals for basically years? Or a couple who throws tantrums when things don’t go their way? If we’re honest, we’d go Lady Colin Campbell.

The Ever Changing Personality Of Prince Harry

Now, we’ve said our piece about Meghan so it’s time to move onto Prince Harry. Our sweet dear H. Yes, we’re using his wife’s ‘nickname’ for him. Once upon a time, he was such an awesome dude. The public loved and adored him. His family hung off his every word. However, things have changed since he got together with his American bride.

From what has been said, before Meghan came into his life, Harry use to visit William, Catherine and the kids all the time. He even use to take George and Charlotte gifts. When he and Meghan got together, he stopped visiting.

As his relationship with Meghan progressed, Harry went from this:

[Credit: Hello! Magazine]

To this:

[Credit: Global Citizen]

Does this look like a man who is happy in his life? Whatever happened to the happy-go-lucky Harry who loved making jokes? He is now a shell of who he use to be. Being Meghan’s lapdog and all the ‘abuse’ she has copped has morphed him into a bitter man who lashes out at everyone who dares voice their opinion about his beloved wife.

This is exactly want Meghan wanted. She needed a man who wouldn’t tell her ‘no’. She has been pampered all her life and while she probably did struggle to get into acting because of her biracial ethnicity, that doesn’t mean she didn’t garner some success. Meghan ended up becoming a main cast member on Suits but she wasn’t THE star. That role went to Patrick J. Adams who played Mike, her character’s love interest.

When Meghan started dating Harry, she thought she had hit the jackpot. She got her wish to date a rich British man. Then there was impressing her future in-laws and apparently she passed. The Queen’s corgis were a massive success as they don’t take to just anyone.

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