Do Harry And Meghan Even Like Their Daughter’s Name?

Is it just us or do Harry and Meghan hate their daughter’s name?

They say a name is what gives a person their identity, but what if you were named something just for the sake of it? Take Harry and Meghan’s newborn daughter, Lilibet as a prime example. Did the couple who complain about everything in their privileged lives give their little girl give a name they didn’t actually like? This seems to be possible. Or could it be because they wanted to give the middle finger to the Queen to say she doesn’t own ‘Lilibet’?

Knowing how much trouble these two have caused, they’ll do anything to remain in the spotlight. Could they have given their daughter, the Queen’s very private nickname be their way of saying, “We’re important”? This all stems back to the tantrum they threw when Her Majesty said they had to stop using Sussex Royal. They screamed because they were not allowed to cash in on the term ‘royal’ which is why they allegedly said, “The Queen doesn’t own the term ‘royal’!”

Going back to the Lilibet debacle, if they had wanted to simply call their daughter any form of ‘Lily’ in this case ‘Lili’ they should have done it that way. After all, Harry very rarely goes by ‘Henry’ while Meghan almost never uses her real first name of ‘Rachel’. All this drama could’ve been avoided if they’d not been feuding with the family to begin with. They’re just upset because they didn’t get what they wanted in regards to their half-in, half-out approach, thinking they could be Beatrice and Eugenie. Sorry, but they have normal jobs while maintaining their titles. They’re also not senior or working royals who do engagements on behalf of the Queen.

To Be Spiteful Or A Tribute?

Now, we’ve been over the whole ‘the Queen is waging war’ thing. If Harry and Meghan wanted to honour Her Majesty, they would’ve used Elizabeth rather than Lilibet. Oh, wait. They couldn’t because Princess Charlotte’s name is Charlotte Elizabeth Diana. If they had named their daughter, Elizabeth Diana, it would’ve been a direct copy of their niece’s name. Though, what they probably forget is that Harry and William’s maternal cousin, Lady Charlotte Spencer’s full name is Charlotte Diana Spencer which is almost a direct copy of Princess Charlotte’s name but Lady Charlotte is actually three years older.

If The Queen had died, then yeah, use Lilibet. That would’ve been fine but we feel this a massive dig despite them saying otherwise. Expect the war to go on for awhile.

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