Harry And Meghan Put Commonwealth On Blast While The Duchess Is Frustrated With Royal Family’s No Comment Policy

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Blast everyone, Harry and Meghan! We triple dare you! The controversial royal couple are hitting back at the racism in the commonwealth. Not only that, the Duchess of Sussex is frustrated with the Royal family’s ‘no comment’ policy.

Here we go again! Prince Harry and his wife Meghan are once again in the headlines for the wrong reasons. Where does this drama ever end? Not only have the Duke and Duchess of Sussex made a subtle jab at racism in the Commonwealth, the former actress is reportedly ‘frustrated’ with how the royal family make no comments when their reputations are put into question in the tabloids. Will this couple realise that a blast will not get them very far?

We hate to break to it them, but their opinions are not valued in the same way say… Prince Charles’ might be. He and many other senior royals have followed protocol for years without complaint. The Commonwealth – in which Australia, England, Canada, and New Zealand are a part – is just every other realm in the world. There is racism everywhere! As much as we want it stamped out, it just not possible.

The Duke and Duchess are making the whole situation about them! It is also a massive jab at Harry’s grandmother, The Queen. She has spent most of her life as the sovereign and how does her grandson and his wife repay her? By being disrespect of her lifelong commitment to the people she vowed to serve when she was crowned.

A Blast Will Only Get You So Far

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They say you have to pick your words carefully. Well, Harry and Meghan are not doing that. They’re just spewing word vomit to keep themselves relevant. They’ve said that they feel like they’re not respected within the royal family. There’s a good reason for that!

Harry has always been a rebel and there’s nothing wrong with that. However, his actions have spoken that he no longer cares about the realm in which his grandmother serves as monarch. She’s not just the Queen of England. She’s the ruler of the Commonwealth which happens to include Canada where he use to live.

For those who don’t know, Meghan filmed Suits in Toronto, Canada when she was still an actress and she use to live there while she was filming. Not to mention, she and Harry were living on Vancouver Island. Making a blast towards the entirety of the Commonwealth is an insult to everyone that resides within.

Also, can we please point out that Meghan knows zilch about the nations she once represented? Just because she had the native flowers of the Commonwealth sewn into her veil for her wedding, does not mean anything. Any bride getting married within one of the 16 countries can do the same thing.

Why Meghan Doesn’t Understand The ‘No Comment’ Policy

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Everyone is entitled to their opinion, even the British royal family. But what is not okay is Meghan saying things like “I wasn’t protected when I was pregnant” and “I was told I couldn’t stand up for myself to the press.”

Meghan doesn’t understand what the royal PR departments go through when a story comes out about a certain member of the family. Yes, it is frustrating when you can’t say want you want to, but she’s been on social media where people can say vicious things. Being a royal means you just have to ignore it.

It’s no secret that the Duchess of Sussex is a rebel. After all, she told Harry she was ‘bored’ after only fifteen minutes at Prince Charles’ garden birthday party. She also allegedly revealed she was pregnant at Princess Eugenie’s wedding.

There is a reason why the royal family has a ‘no comment’ policy in place. They know that if they try to defend themselves, they could potential make the situation worse and make it look like they’re actually guilty. Setting the record straight as they say, doesn’t always work. It’s not that they don’t want to help. They do but adding more fuel to the fire only makes the rumours seem more legitimate.

Despite her time in Hollywood, Meghan didn’t garner any tabloid attention because she wasn’t ‘famous enough’. Now that she’s a royal, she’s in the headlines almost everyday for some reason. Her face is also splashed across magazine covers in stories that are clearly lies.

Having five of her friends address such rumours is adding oxygen to something that Meghan was warned about. Now, the newspapers want to expose who these people were. While there is no shock there, a blast from the the Duchess’ lawyers isn’t going to stop them.

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