Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Forced To Admit That They Didn’t Get Married Three Days Prior To Wedding


Now, we never thought we’d actually see Prince Harry and Meghan Markle backtrack and admit they didn’t get married three days before their actual wedding…

Page Six has published a doozy of an article. It appears that Prince Harry and his American wife, Meghan Markle have had to admit they did not get married three days before their actual wedding. We published a week or two ago that we knew they hadn’t wed when they claimed they did.

Why people would be surprised that Meghan and Harry would bend the truth is mind-boggling. They wanted to come out of the interview with people bowing and kissing their feet and apologising that they were wrong about them. If anything, much of the world is beginning to wake up to themselves and realising that these two fame hungry idiots are not the good samaritans they claim to be.

The Page Six article also mentions how people did their own digging and unearthed The Tig posts mentioning Catherine and William’s wedding and Prince Charles’ foundation, Turquoise Mountain. What’s more is the vicar coming forward and debunking the secret wedding claim as the Church of England requires couples to wed in a recognised ‘place of worship’.

We all know that Meghan was probably fuming at having to release that statement. She believes everything she says is true. Sure, she can think that her backyard wedding is true, but she doesn’t realise the impact that lie had on the British public. Millions of pounds coming from UK taxpayers were used for a spectacle that wasn’t needed.

What makes this story so satisfying is that this is just one step closer to her and Harry’s whole feast of lies coming unravelled. The public knows they lied. Now, the press has to report it.

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