Harry Finally Loses His Mind As He Hits Out At Everyone

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Prince Harry finally loses it…

The world has finally come full circle as Prince Harry finally loses it. If we were Yzma from The Emperor’s New Groove, we’d be massaging our temples in annoyance and frustration. This is just getting stupid with all the crap he is throwing at us like we actually care! Here’s the thing. Most of us stopped when he started contradicting everything he has said regarding his brother, father, his whole family basically since he and Meghan got together.

Harry loses it more big time as the days go on and it’s only a matter of time before he realises that he’s made a huge mistake in airing his grievances with his family in public. He knows they will not fight back due to their “never complain, never explain” mentality. This whole one-sided war of word salads is damaging to Her Majesty. She lost her husband just over a month ago and having her bratty man-child of a grandson throwing shade at the whole monarchy at a time where everyone else is struggling to cope without Prince Philip just shows his entitlement selfishness.

He claimed to Oprah during the interview that aired in March that his mother would want him and Meghan to be happy. Yeah, she would, but there is no way that she would’ve wanted him slamming his brother and their entire family. It is his belief that he should’ve been able to protect his mother. Ummm… no. He was an inexperienced 12-year-old boy dealing with kid things.

While it’s true that no child who loses a parent is the same, he captialises off his mother’s death.

You’re going to have to bear with us because this is going to be a long one, so we hope you’ll stay with us for the long run.

Hatred For The World Who Were Also Mourning Diana

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So, the mental health docuseries, The Me You Can’t See that the Duke of Sussex executive produced with Oprah is out now and it’s clear he has hit rock bottom. He reveals, as observed by the Daily Mail that he hated the public mourning the death of his mother when they “didn’t even know her”.

Diana was a beloved public figure. While she was Harry and William’s mother, she was loved by all, regardless if people knew her personally or not. She had flaws and many identified with her and understood her. Yes, she tried to portray herself as the perfect wife and future Queen of England but that was not what her future would’ve been and she knew that. Why pretend otherwise?

Also, she often confided in her eldest son, William as he was old enough to understand what was going on if an article by the Express is to be believed. Harry would never have understood this at his then-young age. He was a child who needed his mother. He didn’t need the added stress of his mum’s mental health issues too.

So, we ask this of Prince Harry, we though doubt he will ever see this post. Why shouldn’t the world have been able to mourn with your family when your mother died? Before you say, you were just an angry child, think about all the good Diana did in the world. If she didn’t care about others, she would not have done the charity work she did.

Yes, Diana is your mum. She always will be, though the people she met were just as important to her. She wanted them to have fulfilled lives in a way she knew she wouldn’t.

Thoughts On How Diana Died

[Credit: People Magazine]

According to what Harry says in the Apple Docuseries, he believes his mother’s death in Paris had to do with the fact that her partner, Dodi Al Fayed wasn’t white. Ummm… She was killed in a car being driven by a drunk driver. She, the driver, and Dodi weren’t wearing seat belts and they were being pursued by paparazzi. Her demise had NOTHING to do with who she was dating. Perhaps it is ‘H’ who has the issue with this because he could’ve been his stepfather had they gotten married.

The paparazzi didn’t care if Dodi was Egyptian. Harry has been spending too much time as Meghan’s woke lapdog. He knows how his mother died and the circumstances behind it, but he is convinced that everything his wife is saying is the truth and that everyone else is wrong. Well, it’s either that or he knows the truth and is just agreeing with her to prevent a fight.

If that’s not enough, Harry should shut up and look back at his own questionable past where he was racist during his time in the army.

Afraid To Go Back To The UK For His Grandfather’s Funeral And His Family’s Coldness Towards Him

[Credit: Insider]

So, Harry makes the claim that he was afraid to go back to the UK for his grandfather, Prince Philip’s funeral. He should have thought about what he told Oprah before he went back. Then, a few days later, he reports that he was surprised at how cold his family was towards him.

Weeks prior, he accused the whole family of being racist when someone allegedly questioned what skin colour Archie would be. No wonder they were cold towards him! Harry should’ve thought about them and their reactions. Also, he and Meghan claim they want to make peace with them. How can they possibly do that when they’ve thrown everyone under the bus and just prior to Prince Philip’s death? No wonder various members ignored him.

Just a side note here as well. Meghan has no time for ‘family’. She doesn’t have anything to do with her own. Now, we’re taking this with a grain of salt but it is being rumoured that Markle’s mother, Doria is no longer on the scene. We’re not sure how true this is as she’s not in the limelight that much anyway. So, there is no way she will ever make good with her in-laws. She believes they are beneath her and that Harry is more worthy than the lot of them.

What was Harry actually thinking? That his family were going to just embrace him the second they saw him? They have long memories and would’ve been fiercely protective of Her Majesty at the funeral and afterward. No wonder Charles and William had to be present at the same whenever they spoke to him. They’d had their words twisted before.

Diana Wouldn’t Have Approved Of Harry’s Behaviour

[Credit: Vanity Fair]

According to a Vanity Fair article, Princess Diana once described Harry as ‘constantly in trouble’. This comment surfaced in unearthed letters. Now, if she were alive today, she would be utterly appalled with his behaviour. We’re written about this before regarding how she would be horrified at how her youngest son is currently treating his whole family.

Harry loses creditability so much nowadays that Diana would be ashamed of how far he has fallen. As his mother, she would be upset that Meghan has dragged him so far down into the depths of hell and that they’re using her [Diana] as a scapegoat for their bad behaviour. Yeah, if you’ve read that here on the blog before, we’ve said it multiple times before, and quite frankly, we’re exhausted having to repeat ourselves constantly. Paul Burrell, the Princess of Wales’ friend and former butler has said that she and Markle wouldn’t have gotten along given their personalities.

If there is one person who truly knew Diana, it was Paul as he spent a lot of time with her. He even trusted her with his true sexuality. As far as he was concerned, he was a good human being.

Archie’s Alleged First Word Keeps Changing

second birthday
[Credit: Harper’s Bazaar]

According to The Me You Can’t See, Harry claims that Archie’s first word was ‘Grandma’ or ‘Grandma Diana’ depending on the publication reporting on it. Umm… That’s not what he told James Corden. He said that his son’s first word was ‘Crocodile’ according to a Daily Mail article from February 2021 just after the interview dropped.

However, the above Daily Mail article mentions that a source allegedly told US Weekly that Archie’s first words were ‘Dada’, ‘Mama’, ‘book’, and ‘dog’. This also appeared to be backed up by a video posted to Save the Children UK’s Instagram page to commemorate the little boy’s first birthday in May 2020. Take a look for yourself:

[Credit: @savechildrenuk – Instagram]

Archie is heard saying ‘dada’. Not ‘crocodile’ or ‘Grandma Diana’. Also, they’ve claimed that he loves to say ‘hydrate’ and ‘stay safe’. Umm…

What toddler can say that? We have young cousins who are the same age as Archie who can’t say any of these difficult words. We know they can say ‘mama’ and ‘dada’ but ‘crocodile’ or ‘hydrate’? Nope. Archie must be a genius-level child. A prodigy even! Please note that was sarcasm.

What was Archie’s actual first word? Can they stop changing the narrative?!

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