So… Prince Harry HATED Interacting With Children?

Prince Harry was hated before, but he’s going to be even more now that he’s exposed himself as hating all the hugs he gave small children…

So… the woke Prince, formerly known as Harry admitted to Dax Shepard that he hated his royal duties and that he just had to ‘grin and bear it’. What people didn’t catch, but our dear friend Sue Smith did, was that the Duke of Sussex admitted to hating all the hugs he gave small children. So, all the affection he showed the people he met was one hundred percent fake. It must be a massive slap in the face for the parents and guardians.

If he hated it so much, then why did he actually do it? Did he want to sit in one of his many lavish rooms wherever he was living eating bonbons and playing strip poker with strippers? Who freaking knows! What makes us sick is the idea that he lied to so many people. His mother would be rolling in her grave if she were to hear that her almost 40-year-old son hated interacting with those less fortunate then himself. This was not how she raised him or William.

At least William is grateful for the life their parents gave him. He was fifteen when Diana died and he’s turned out just fine. Harry, however, has been allowed to run wild. If his life was so awful, then how come there are photos of him laughing with his brother, Catherine, and his father? What about the fun video of him being challenged by former US President Barack Obama?

This disloyal twit, doesn’t understand that he is one of the most privileged people on the planet. He was given all the security and luxury, he’s claiming to hate children hugging him? Talk about spoilt and entitled.

Prince Harry Doesn’t Deserve The Benefit Of The Doubt

After the last few years of shit he and Meghan have pulled, Harry doesn’t deserve the benefit of the doubt. We know we’ve said this a mountain load of times, but he threw everyone who loves and cares for him under the bus just to appease his wife. His life now mirrors hers. She has no relationship with anyone except her rich friends who will back them up in a heartbeat even when she stabs them in the back to get what she wants.

Prince Charles did his absolute best to raise Harry and William after Diana’s death. He might not have loved her the way he does Camilla, but he adores his boys. He always has. Sure, he hoped that he would have a daughter, but he got a granddaughter named after him with Princess Charlotte. Not to mention, he treats Catherine like a daughter and he did with Meghan too and walked her down the aisle in place of her father.

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Remember THIS photo, Harry? Or, did you suddenly forget all the good your father has done for you? Your father didn’t have to walk Meghan down the aisle. He WANTED to! If he was such a horrible father then why did you invite him on BBC Radio where he said he was PROUD of you? Let’s not forget that he literally called you, “His darling boy”.

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After the podcast stunt which was nothing more than PR for his Apple TV series with Oprah, Harry is losing favour with people faster than his Uncle Andrew during the Jeffrey Epstein scandal. Harry needs to wake to the fact that his wife is using him to achieve billionaire status. If he doesn’t then he’s going to be in for a rude shock when she suddenly leaves him.

Look Out World Because Harry Won’t Remain Quiet

All people want is for Harry to either get his stories straight or to keep quiet. Though, we all know he won’t. Meghan is egging him on from the sidelines and telling him to trash his family as she did hers. She never wanted to be a member of the royals. She only said it so she could get him on her side. Let’s not forget she probably gave him a load of sex as well in the early days.

Since the pregnancy announcement, Harry and Meghan have been in the media non-stop and it’s getting old. People are sick and tired of having to read or see PR puff pieces on them that are a desperate attempt to make them look good. Here’s the thing with that. Every sane person can see through the ruse. The more they trash the royal family with their stupid word salads, the more will turn their backs and walk away.

Harry thinks that if he trashes his grandmother and his father, they’ll apologise for underestimating him. Sorry, but this will not happen. If his antics when he was younger were bad, what he’s doing now, is worse. At least during his twenties he did not trash talk his family. He has become the worst version of himself and he needs serious help.

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  1. What everybody is forgetting is the extent if harry’s education. He got a B in Art and a D in Geography from Eton, that’s it.

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