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An Update On Harley Quinn Issued… By Harley And King Shark?


We finally have a production update on Harley Quinn Season 3! Harley herself with some assistance from King Shark said that the season isn’t completed, yet but they would be back in 2022. In the meantime, they gave us a look at what is to come in an incomplete looking sizzle reel, which was uploaded to the DC FanDome YouTube channel. Just a heads up, it shows a bit of the Titans panel at the beginning.

[Credit: DC FanDome – YouTube]

Furthermore, what’s hilarious about the panel is that Harley and KS are stalling for time as the sizzle reel “was not put up on the server yet”. King Shark ate the server, thinking it was sushi. Typical King Shark stuff. As cute as it is, you would not want to cross him in a dark alley.

Anyway, the sizzle of Season 3 was basically an animated storyboard. However, at the end of the trailer, we got a look at a fully animated image of Ivy and Harley.

[Credit: GossipChimp]

Moreover, the trailer showed the pair now being able to be a couple while dealing with the shenanigans of being anti-heroines. They’re still being hunted by whoever is after them. Also, Ivy will have to deal with what happened with her former fiancée, Kite Man. Whatever occurs, it’s going to be wild, chaotic, and a load of violent fun! Where will that put their friends is going to be entertaining to observe.

What Will Harley’s Crew Do?

Will Doctor Psycho be back on board? Will Harley’s remaining family continue to hunt her? Who knows, but we’re all for it, and we cannot wait to see what our favourite band of crazies will get up to next. We’ve loved the previous two seasons and were surprised that they announced Season 3, given how the second season ended.

Harley Quinn returns in 2022 and will air on HBO Max instead of DC Universe.

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