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Harley Quinn: REVIEW For Episode 2 – A High Bar

This week’s episode of Harley Quinn has a bit of a high bar when it comes to Joker. Why? Well, it’s now the aftermath of Harley breaking up with him and while he’s saying he is fine, he really isn’t. Here’s what happened and be warned, there’s going to be a bit of COURSE LANGUAGE. Before we launch into this week’s review and breakdown, here’s last week’s review! There is also spoilers galore here so be cautious.

A High Bar – Ultimate Edition – Joker Invades Talk Show

In the aftermath of their breakup, Joker isn’t coping, despite telling his fellow Arkham cellmates he’s going just fine.

At Poison Ivy’s apartment, Harley calls Ivy over to watch their favourite talk show with Frank the Plant. What they weren’t expecting was Joker to show up and tell the audience he broke up with Harley, not the other way around and that their couple name was Joker not Joquinn.

Harley explodes with Ivy telling her he’s not worth it and that he is baiting her. In anger, Quinn smashes the television with her baseball bat. As she rants, Ivy tells her she should be proud of how far she has come since the break up. She’s not a new outfit, moved in with her BFF, and started meditating. Harley corrects her saying she hasn’t started and that she’s only downloaded the app. Ivy says it’s a start.

Vowing revenge and wanting to show her ex how much she doesn’t care, Harley logs into his calendar, despite Ivy’s objections. She finds that Joker is going to a Legion of Doom party the next day and that if he wants to fuck with her, she’ll do the same back. Frank is more encouraging than Ivy, which of course goes ignored.

Harley begins Ivy go with her and it will be fun. She even tells her that she’ll meet a hot guy that she drug with her love potion. Ivy corrects her and tells her she doesn’t have a love potion, she has phermones that forces men to become attracted to her and which later kills them by turning them into plants. Harley and Frank both say it’s a love potion before they get Ivy to cave into going to the party too. On television, the host explodes which prompts Harley to smash the phone.

Oops! Wrong Party!

The next day, Harley walks into a kid’s Bar Mitzvah by accident. As it so happens, the party was for Penguin’s nephew, Joshua.

When Penguin laughs at the fact Joker dumped Harley, Ivy corrects him and tries to pull her friend out of the party.

Harley tells her that a lot of the Legion of Doom’s bigwigs are at the party. Also, it ‘s the ideal place to show people that’s doing fine.

Ivy argues that its not a great idea and that the party is for a 13-year-old boy not Harley. Harley makes the point that a lot of villains made themselves famous at other people’s parties. For example, Bane blew up Gotham Stadium on Trivia Night.

Who Needs A Permit For A Trap Door?

At a construction site of Joker’s latest caper, he argues with a construction worker over needing a permit to have at trap door installed before he puts a gun to the guy’s head.

His phone rings and it’s Bane calling to tell him Harley is at Penguin’s nephew’s party. He even tells him that Harley’s doing fine without him. Joker than decides to head to the party.

Harley Butters Up The Legion of Doom

Back at the Bat Mitzvah, Harley attempts to butter up Two-Face, Scarecrow and Bane by telling them she has a plan to get rid of Batman. Suddenly, Joker shows up in a desperate attempt to derail Harley.

After Harley declares she want to take over Gotham, Joker order the Legion of Doom to laugh at her.

Ivy Gets The Rough End Of The Stick

While Harley rants at the kids table, Ivy struggles to ignore one of the D-list villains better known as Kite Man that she feared would hit on her and would ask her to join him on a heist.

Harley arrives to put a stop to the conversation because of Kite Man is stupid.

They’re All Just Assholes!

Harley has a high bar when it comes to her relationship with the Legion of Doom. She rants to Ivy that they all faked being her friends and are just assholes overall. Mrs. Cobblepot wanders over and tells the girls that they need to cool their ‘salty language’ even if everyone at the party is evil.

Ivy suggest they leave, but Harley has other ideas. She declares that she’s going rob the Gotham Mint. This causes Ivy to groan in defeat, knowing that her bestie has gone too far to get back at Joker and the Legion. She tells Harley that the Mint is impenetrable and tries to tells to her not to go through with her plan.

Harley is hellbent on her plan while Ivy is surrounded by boys hitting on her, which ultimately unnerves her. Kite Man laughs when he tells her that he stole her ‘juice’ and gave it to the kids. Ivy tells him he’s an idiot. Yeah, Ivy doesn’t have a high bar and it is clearly affecting her. She explains that the potion does to its victims and Kite Man feels like an idiot.

A High Bar To Get Into The Gotham Mint And Saving The Tree Kids

Harley breaks into the Gotham Mint and bashes the heads in of the security guards. She even gives the security camera a kiss.

Back at the Bar Mitzvah, Ivy forces Kite Man to go with her to get the antidote before they die.

At the Legion of Doom table, Joker says his chicken is rubbery and takes Bane’s plate while Bane gets upset.

Inside the Mint, Harley uses a security guard’s thumbprint to get into the vault. Only, there’s an issue. She didn’t break into the Gotham Mint. It’s actually Gotham Chuckle Hut’s Greatest Improvisers and the vault is full of Joshua Bucks. Like, what the fuck?

The curtain is pulled back to reveal the space is attached to the place where the Bar Mitzvah is being held. Joker laughs and tells Bane he’s probably not laughing because it’s similar to how he screws up.

Penguin is far from happy that Harley ruined his nephew’s party and shoots his umbrella at her. She tries to escape but is tranqed in the neck and knocked out.

Ivy And Kite Man To The Rescue… We Think

Ivy and Kite Man arrive at the apartment to get the antidote. However, Kite Man disappears into the bedroom, thinking it’s a date and wants to have sex with Ivy. She tells him that she bought him with her because it was faster than catching public transport.

Harley Gets Chained Up

Back at the Bar Mitzvah, Harley awakens and is chained up. She insults Penguin and he has his nephew shoot at her with the umbrella.

Harley manages to stall Joshua just long enough for Ivy and Kite Man to arrive back at the party. Joshua bursts into tears and runs to his mother just as Ivy and Kite Man crash through the ceiling.

Joker orders Quinn to to back down and admit defeat or die. When she doesn’t, he has the Legion aim at her with their weapons. Harley, Ivy and Kite Man face off against them but Kite Man doesn’t get very far against Bane. Ivy takes on Two-Face while Harley takes on Scarecrow.

Harley asks the Legion why they allow Joker to talk to them like they’re idiots. She tells them that she knows how they feel because Joker pulled the stunt on her for years and she got sick of it and dumped him, despite what he told them.

Bane agrees with Harley and that he doesn’t like that Joker called him a monster and that he stole his meal. He even blurts out that he [Joker] didn’t even want to go to the Bar Mitzvah.

Joker goes to pull a gun on Harley when Ivy steps in front of her, wanting to protect her. She uses her powers to stop Joker. He realises that he won’t win against Ivy but his victory is short-lived when he gets a phone call from his contractor saying that they won’t be starting his new lair until later.

See, I Told You

Back home, Ivy tells Harley she didn’t need to show up anyone and that’s she awesome as herself. Harley says she is awesome, but she still needs to get into the Legion of Doom much to Ivy’s dismay.

Ivy than takes the antidote and is forced to kiss each of the boys that Kite Man poisoned.

Final Verdict

This week’s episode didn’t quite live up to last week’s episode. A High Bar was tame compared to Til Death Do Us Part. Sure, there’s a bit of swearing and violence, but it wasn’t as fun. The whole Kite Man and Poison Ivy thing felt like filler just to give Ivy something to do while Harley dealt with Joker. We’re hoping next week’s episode is better and Harley actually busts some heads.

We’re giving this episode 🤡🤡🤡 of out five.

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