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Harley Quinn REVIEW: Clayface and Doctor Psycho Join Harley’s Team In ‘So You Need A Team?’

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[Please Be Advised That This Article Contains Spoilers And May Contain Some Seriously Bad Language – Continue At Your Own Peril!]

To make the Legion of Doom jealous, Harley recruits Clayface and Doctor Psycho to her cause in this week’s episode of Harley Quinn, ‘So you need a team?’

Harley’s journey to join the Legion of Doom isn’t going the way she wants in the third episode of Harley Quinn. She becomes forced to join forces with Doctor Psycho and Clayface to get what she wants, but will it work out the way she wants? Before we begin, be sure to check out for the reviews for the previous Harley Quinn episodes Til Death Do Us Part and A High Bar.

Train Heist

We see Harley through some butler dude out of a moving train car while she fights some dude might be Bane or is reminiscent to him. He asks if she can speak Russian. She says she can but she can only say two things.

Trying to get access to the next section of the train, Harley finds a key on the guy she was fighting but realises there’s more than one lock and that the keys need to be turned at the same time. As it is just her, she tries a number of ways of trying to the keys to turn but fails.

She eventually gets the door open, but another door alarm sounds, much to her disbelief. An explosion rings out, revealing Joker who laughs like a moron, just to see Harley struggling

Joker’s thugs steal everything and Harley is far from happy with him for trying to steal her bounty. The goons are then ordered to throw Harley out of the train.

Harley Details Her Failure To Ivy

Defeated, Harley returns to Ivy’s apartment, her hair full of twigs and being a complete mess. She tells her bestie that she needs her own crew like Joker while Ivy comments she needs a shower first.

After her shower, Harley vents that Joker and his crew got the warhead she was after. She also says she could have used Ivy’s help.

Ivy attempts to wiggle out of what Harley is suggesting and points out Doctor Psycho is fine working on his own. the friends than watch a news broadcast of the crazed doc taking on Wonder Woman.

After seeing Doctor Psycho call Wonder Woman a… well, we’re not to repeat the bleeped out word here, Harley says that if she had the warhead she would blackmail Gotham into naming a highway after her.

Harley Hires A Crew

Later, Harley sits at some villain marketing place bored out of her mind. She sees Doctor Psycho walk out with some dudes who then approach her and take her through the villains for hire.

They give her the selection of a guy named Cronk (Who the fuck is that?!), The Professor, and Blaze. Harley says she’ll take them all. The guys then ask if she’s Joker’s girlfriend. While she says yes, she explains that she dumped him weeks ago and was on her own.

After learning Harley’s on her own, the guys pull their offers out from under her. She then says she’s going to start own crew and won’t need their help. The fools says that if she gets back with Joker they’ll return their offers.

Recruiting At A Bar… Typical Villain Trait… Right?

Arriving at a bar, Harley jumps onto the bar and asks if anyone wants to join her. They all reject her offer.

Disappointed, Harley sits down at the bar and Doctor Psycho says some shit about her being a woman. The barman voices his own opinion before he reveals that he’s Clayface. He then shifts into Doctor Psycho before the real Doc starts a fight.

Kite Man arrives and announces he’s doing a caper. Everyone in the bar tags along, much to Harley’s disbelief.

Harley Continues To Complain To Ivy

When you think ‘So You need a team?’ Harley’s desperate and returns to the apartment to vent to her BFF. Ivy asks if Kite Man asked about her before she retracts the question.

Harley says there has to be something she’s missing. Frank the Plant interrupts saying plants do all of Ivy’s work for her. Joker’s ex then questions if there’s a supervillain who would be willing to give away their trade secrets.

Maxie Zeus Is Basically The Fictional Harvey Weinstein

Harley is suddenly struck with an idea and drags Ivy to see Maxie Zeus who talks a big game but is actually douche (Ivy’s words, not ours) who wants every woman who goes into his dressing room to have sex with him after he exposes himself to them.

Harley tells him to go fuck himself even if he gets in her head about the fact that she got kicked out of the villain agency. She bites back saying that his penis needs examining.

Harley Begs Ivy For Her Help

Despite asking for help, Harley faces the reality that female supervillains are looked down upon. Ivy explains their male counterparts don’t like it when they get too powerful.

Frank then mentions the Queen of Fables, the last female villain to get too powerful.

Ivy then explains that the Queen of Fables was once a member of the Legion of Doom and was considered a footnote to the male villains as she was the only woman on the team. The Queen then turned Gotham into an evil forest and to have characters from fairy tales running wild.

Harley asks what happened with Ivy telling her to ask the woman herself and hands her a business card.

Meet The Queen Of Fables

Arriving at the address Ivy gave her, Harley is surprised to learn that the Queen of Fables was turned into a book.

The book then tells her what happened that got her turned into what she is today. She explains that the Justice League showed up and killed her crew in a very graphic way. They had Zatanna, daughter of Zatara banish her and hence becoming the chain smoking bitch we know now.

Queen of Fables says that she got turned into a book as punishment while all the male villains are thrown in Arkham. If you look at the facts, it is incredibly sexist.

She even says that she didn’t have a proper crew because no one believed in her, leading her to believe in smaller things.

Reporting Back

Feeling dejected, Harley reports back to Ivy, asking if she sent her to the Queen of Fables because she thought she couldn’t be a supervillain.

Ivy tells her that the reason she sent her to the Queen of Fable was because she believes in her. This moment is so touching that it makes Frank cry.

Harley says she needs a crew that no one else believes in which is why she recruits Clayface and Doctor Psycho who just doesn’t know how to keep his mouth from saying the C-word. Poison Ivy says because he keeps running his mouth, he’s become the most unemployable person on Earth.

Doctor Psycho Is Kicked Out Of The Legion Of Doom

Harley goes back to Noonan’s in an attempt to recruit Psycho. When he refuses, a news report airs saying that the Legion of Doom does not condone his foul mouth and are kicking him out.

Seeing his firing take place on live television, Doctor Psycho then decides to join Harley but not because he ruined his own reputation and is a woman hater. A disguised Clayface overhears the conversation and joins the duo. They discuss what they’re going to do as their first caper with Harley suggesting a vendetta against Maxie Zeus.

Usurping Maxie Zeus

At Maxie’s house, Harley, Clayface and Psycho stand in front of a naked statue of their ‘victim’ which the C-word enthusiast labels the artefact creepy.

Harley says their plan is for Clayface to pretend to be the mailman while she and Doctor Psycho sneak in the back to steal Zeus’s gold medals and anything else he has.

Clayface does as he’s told and poses as the mailman but he takes it one step further. He pretends to be Maxie Zeus’s long-lost son. This causes a few groans from Harley and Psycho.

Inside, Psycho asks who he needs to mind control. Harley tells him all he needs to do is use the crawl space as she’s too big to fit.

Maxie Zeus Almost Kills Clayface While Harley And Pyscho Steal His Loot

Clayface manages to keep up the facade of being Zeus’s son.

Elsewhere in the house, Harley and Doctor Pyscho end up in Maxie Zeus’s bedroom. They pull up the bed as Harley remembers him saying that he literally slept on a pile of gold.

Clayface tells Zeus his life story which is similar to Forrest Grump and he’s forced to keep changing his story and his appearance. This leads Maxie to become suspicious.

Harley and Doctor Psycho find the medals and try to escape only to find Maxie sussing out Clayface. They freak out when Zeus outs his so-called son and have to rescue their friend from being killed by the oily bitch. Thanks for putting those words in our heads Harl!

Psycho uses his powers to pull Clayface away from Zeus. Harley then sweeps in and tells Maxie that he told her that a woman would never be able to get a crew to work for them. She exclaims that she got two of the fucking worst!

Maxie mocks her choice of a crew while Harley tells him to yell from the rooftops that she and her crew aren’t nothing to fuck with. He ends up defeated and tells a news crew exactly what Harley told him to say.

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