Happy 40th Birthday, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge!


Kind, poised, and willing to laugh at herself, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, will make a fine consort. As she celebrates her birthday milestone of 40, we think back at how the duckling turned into a graceful, elegant swan. As mentioned in our previous post on Kate, she is a loving and patient woman who loves engaging with those she will someday serve as queen consort. The warmth one feels that radiates from her when she enters the room fills it with spontaneous hope.

Seeing Catherine around children, especially her own, displays what a consort of any kind should encompass. A gentleness that shows the child that everything will be alright. Then, there’s the eagerness to learn. The Duchess of Cambridge is always eager to extend her knowledge on topics that interest her. She displays an understanding and earnest amount of respect for those less fortunate than herself.

Catherine’s birthday has always been a course of celebration for the day in which Carol Middleton gave birth to her firstborn. Kate’s upbringing has always been her strength. She respects all class statuses and doesn’t care if she has money. Her love for William and their three young children is a source of inspiration.

She might’ve been born a commoner, but she is every bit the royal. Her poise is what the people of the world admire. Since she has become the Duchess of Cambridge, there is not one thing (to our knowledge) she has done wrong.

While there were people who doubted Catherine could handle the pressures of royal life, they were proved incorrect.

Chased By Paparazzi, Cruel Nicknames By The Press

As her relationship with Prince William took off, Catherine became the target of vicious media tactics. Like Princess Diana before her, she was chased by the paparazzi relentlessly. The press also coined some horrid nicknames for her and her sister, Pippa. Waity Katy and the Wisteria Sisters were favourites. Eventually, they backed off when William proposed in 2010.

By that time, they had broken up. But got back together and remained so. The media learned to leave Catherine alone. In return, she did not challenge media stories and scream that they were harassing her. She weathered the storm as other royal women before her had done. Moreover, she accepted her role as the future consort of Prince William, a man whom she loved more than anything.

The media has come to adore her over the last decade. They appreciate that they have access to her when appropriate. After all, they caused great turmoil for her husband during his teenage years. They stalked his mother and tapped the phones of those around him to get slanderous stories to make a profit.

While Catherine and William have better relationships with the press now, they have a pact to release photos of their family on special occasions. Photos of their children usually drop on birthday eves. They even drop wedding anniversary photos, Christmas card photos, even the odd photo for charity events, such as the butterfly event where a photo of their daughter was dropped.

What is inspiring about Catherine is that she does not hold a grudge. She does not hold onto the past. Instead, she chooses to embrace the positives. She sees both sides of the equation; the royal family cannot exist without public visibility. Meanwhile, the media cannot thrive without royal coverage.

In conclusion, we wish Catherine a happy birthday.

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