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Home And Away: Dean Explodes When Willow Is Revealed To Be Witness X

Court drama erupted in tonight’s Home and Away as Dean explodes upon discovering that best friend Willow is Witness X.

There’s a whole heap of hurt being thrown out into the open as Willow is revealed to be Angelo’s Witness X. Court drama was always assured as she couldn’t tell Dean or Bella that she was testifying against Colby. However, the question still remains as to why she chose to betray her chosen family.

This was bought up by Dean, but hasn’t been properly explained. Angelo tells him and Bella that Willow chose to tell him that Colby killed Ross. While this might be true, it still doesn’t explain anything. He might claim to have nothing on her, but there’s always two sides to every story.

If you thought the court drama was on par tonight, what until tomorrow!

Evil Bastard!

Actually speaking of Angelo, his smirk when the recording of the confession made our skin crawl. The case mightn’t have bought the disgraced cop back to the Bay to reunite with his old friends, but it did show a change from the man he’s become. We saw Colby did up dirt on Rosetta awhile ago and it was not what we expected.

We thought they’d mention how Angelo accidentally killed Jack Holden. However, this wasn’t the case at all. Instead, they focused on one where he sent an innocent man to prison. It is also said that this was the case that almost destroyed his marriage to Taylor.

Dean And Bella To Struggle Over Willow’s Actions

According to spoilers, Colby will be sentenced to 25 years in prison. This will be difficult for Dean and Bella who will let fly at Willow for the role she played in putting him behind bars.

Willow knows what she did was wrong, and as we stated in a post last week when she was revealed to be Witness X she was upset over what she did. She showed remorse whereas Angelo isn’t showing anything towards Colby except being grateful that this case has won him back ‘respect’ from his superiors.

Bella has been through the ringer since she arrived in Bay. She was kidnapped by her father at a young age and then when she was older alongside Chelsea. She saw Willow get shot and was almost raped by an online predator. This lead her to harm herself not once but twice.

So, being caught up in court drama was nothing new. However, losing her brother might tip her over the edge again.

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