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Grow up

What is with stans of a TELEVISION SHOW sending death threats to actresses who are only doing their jobs?! No wonder many actors quit their professions!

It is perfectly fine to have your own opinion, but it’s harassment and bullying when you start sending abusive direct messages to the cast of a television show on social media. What makes this such a hard topic to talk about is how some fans mistake a clearly fictional story for reality. This is us telling those stans to grow up!

In recent weeks, actress Annika Noelle who plays Hope Logan Spencer on The Bold and the Beautiful has received death threats from fans. She has not posted to Instagram in two weeks with her last post being a tribute to the late Ruth Bader Ginsberg.

It’s never been a secret that The Bold and the Beautiful can bring out the nastiness in fans. There are Forrester fans show ADORE everything Steffy, Ridge, Taylor, etc and are those whom ship the Logans; Brooke, Hope, Donna, Katie. However, stans need to to grow up and realise the actors are doing a JOB! They are trying to support their families.

Actors Are NOT Their Characters!

Being a fan is great and all, but it becomes toxic when die-hard stans forget they’re watching a fictional story play out on TV. The Bold and the Beautiful is a soap opera and not reality television like The Bachelor. Hounding the actors who portray certain characters is not on! They have feelings too.

For example, fans often think that Scott Clifton who plays waffler Liam Spencer is like his character. This could not be further from the truth. The man has called fans out on it on Twitter. He is a devoted husband to his wife and father of their son. Just because he jumps between women onscreen doesn’t mean he does it in his day-to-day life.

The same rule applies to Katherine Kelly Lang who plays Brooke Logan Forrester. There has been rumors floating around where some fans believe that she has a hand in the storylines and is a writer on the show. First off, no she is not and it is wrong to assume something when you have no proof. Finally, where do people get off in accusing her of sleeping with Brad Bell?

Just because the Logans have had a massive hand in a lot of storylines lately, doesn’t mean there’s a bias happening. You all forget that Bell’s father created the series YEARS ago! Grow up already! Also, KKL is an awesome lady who NOTHING like her onscreen alter ego. Where is your proof?!

Also, Jacqueline MacInnes Wood and Annika Noelle are NOT Steffy and Hope. They’re actually really good friends whereas their onscreen personas have been battling it out all their lives. Want proof of this? Here it is!

This photo is (clearly) from Annika’s Instagram account where she and Jacqui are seen ENJOYING each other’s company. There are likely naysayers out there but they have nothing else better to do than to troll people who actually have lives to live.

Grow Up!

Since when has bullying innocent people who are only doing their job ever been a good idea? While it might make social justice warriors and stans of Steffy, Quinn, etc feel powerful, but who are you, really?

You people are spineless, gutless wonders who have nothing better to do and to whine over something that is not even real. You mistake fact from fiction. The characters you see on your television screen from Monday to Friday are not real. Let that sink in for a moment.

Grow up and get a conscience while you’re at it! Stop creating and spreading lies. You’re not fooling anyone who is sane!

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